Breaking the Rules – Who should approach first?

There was always one burning question being passed around the manospheres, like a hot potato that goes from hand to hand. Today we’ll attempt to take a poke at it, trying, as always here on Negromanosphere, to take a revolutionary approach. This subject is approaching. Who should do it first, why, and when? The subject is largely rooted in gender roles, and today we’ll ask a good question – is it time to mix that shit up?
In a sense, it’s a game of the desired and the thirsty, and it’s easy to set yourself up as one or the other. It’s a game, and only the good players win. Ask yourself the question, are you one?
If there are enough good signs or the opportunity is good, yeah, definitely, approach her. But know when and where. But hol’ up. What about her? Is it possible that this modern and largely free age brings a reversal of the roles? Women approaching men is kind of a rare thing. We’d like to hear your experiences, be sure to write them below. But for now, let’s discuss this interesting subject.

The Cards Revealed
When two persons are eying one another, there’s always that little bit of hesitation. Who will make the first move? The one who does, is in a sense, revealing his cards. He shows the obvious interest. But it shouldn’t be all that bad.
They often say it’s a confident, masculine thing to take the initiative and state your mind by approaching a girl you like. And sure, there’s sense in that. But we won’t to question that. Why can’t the ladies start revealing their cards, and approach the men they find desirable? It such a rare thing today that it puts a lot of men into the spotlight.
In a sense, these firmly rooted roles have a traditional aspect, but in the 21st century, they have been heavily manipulated by feminists. This emphasis on the necessity for the man to approach first, creates a false image and in a sense puts the man in a bad situation, creating an image that is not often flattering.
That’s why we think it’s a high time for that aspect of gender roles to change, or at least come to equal terms. Women should try and approach first. For a change, it gives the men an insight into her intentions and removes the emphasis on gaming and word games, and instead laying down a much more relaxed and natural setting, where people have a better opportunity to be laid back and themselves, rather than playing mind games.

Shoot the Shot
What do we mean? When a man approaches, he needs to establish a good image right from the start. If he wants to succeed in building a strong connection with the woman, he needs to be the best version of himself. He needs to play the game. But, when he is approached, that whole element of “pre-game” and getting into your headspace is much more lower, and instead, that emphasis transfers to the approaching person, i.e. the woman. In one way, this makes your game much easier, making you sort of, “over” the situation, holding the strings in your hands. Because it is you who needs to be impressed and courted, not the other way around.

As a part of this thriving manosphere, we’re not trying to tell you not to approach. We’re just exploring options. Try playing aloof for a while, giving that mystery vibe and see if you can attract some women. But otherwise, you should definitely try and approach when the time is right. It builds confidence and tells you exactly where you stand as a player.
What are your thoughts on the matter? Comment below and let us know.

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