Building Confidence through Fitness


One of the principal virtues of a desirable man, a man that exemplifies confidence, virility and strength, is of course – physical fitness and healthy appearance. We can all agree on a simple truth, that the obese, ill groomed and unhealthy man will have great difficulty finding his established place in a healthy society. This on the other hand will result in a further descent into an abyss of depravity, a psychological darkness brought on by a growing lack of confidence, self-respect, hope and a sense of identity. In the modern society where obesity is encouraged as a personal trait and one’s natural form, which is needless to say absurd and degenerate as much as it is malicious and destructive, we need to shed some light on the truth – the real, healthy values that every self-respecting person should uphold and follow. Read on as we attempt to accentuate the important connection between physical fitness and the healthy psyche of exemplary people.


The Essential Benefits of Fitness

It is easily observed, vividly obvious, but still necessary to mention, that a perfected and strong body, will naturally bring with it a new wave of healthy psychological developments, much needed for a successful integration and functioning in modern society. Do not allow yourself, at any cost, to neglect the traditional and sane values of ideals you wish and must pursue. Do not fall into the delusions propagated by fringe movements and unstable individuals, such as acceptance and encouragement of obesity and unhealthy lives. Instead do all you can to attain the achievable goal of improvement, getting closer to perfection in both mind and body.
Let’s face it – achieving a fit, lean, muscled body will not come easily. Nothing in this life that is good will come without a price. In this case the price is time, effort and perseverance. Only with these aspects accepted, you will in time reap and relish the rewards they bring.


The Importance of Commitment


But in order to reach that desired stage of a Spartan, athletic physique, you will undoubtedly need to offer a couple of sacrifices and embark on a journey of commitment. When you have two options – getting drunk and wasting money, or a warlike session at the gym – which one will you go for? The answer will determine whether you got the willpower and the desire needed for improvement. Remember and realize that the latter will have undeniably better and rewarding results. Familiarize yourself with the fantastic feeling after a hard workout, where you can both see and feel the results of your effort. Your senses flooded with an onset of beneficial chemicals, and your body taking on an admirable form.
Once you get to know these feelings, you will never go back. Only then you will know that no amount of drinks with your ‘buddies’ will replace a hard and sweaty session in the gym, at your home, or at the running track. And this is exactly where the treasure lies, which you will get once you get over that first step of committing to a set schedule, to a set ideal and a goal you strive towards.

Confidence Established – the Experiment.


Let’s imagine a sort of experiment. Think – a girl is approached and faced with a choice between two men: one is visibly insecure, anxious and overweight, sweating nervously as his bulging gut threatens to relieve his ill-fitting dress shirt of its buttons. His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. You get the picture.
His friend on the other hand, is calm, confident in his appearance for which he worked long and hard. His tight fitting shirt accentuating his pecs, his buff chest and the six pack. He knows he looks desirable, he made sure of it. And his companion’s disheveled and unkempt appearance gives him a boost of self-respect and confidence. We can all agree on the outcome of this experiment. There’s no chance in hell that the girl will go for the unkempt guy, unless he is known to have a yacht and is notoriously well-endowed, for which the chances are obviously slim.
Gather your own conclusions and do what you know needs to be done!



We hope we presented enough of a variety of positive statements in this concise article, so that you can get to a healthy conclusion that it is a must, a healthy necessity and a duty of every man that holds himself in high regard, to embark on a journey of renewal, improvement and reforming. So don’t think twice, do what you must to carve a new self from that imperfect image you became. Whether at home, at the gym or at the street – all you need is willpower and decisiveness. Perfection awaits – no excuses allowed!

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