California gym reopens despite COVID-19 rules, social media says all gyms should reopen

California gym manager Jacob Lewis says it was a mistake for Governor Gavin Newsom to close all gyms, so he took the matter into his own hands by opening his gym for the public despite COVID-19 regulations.

Jacob who runs The Gym in San Bernardino County, says he’s decided to pay no attention to state shutdown orders because he believes gyms are “essential’ to people’s mental and physical health.” The gym opened its doors on a Friday morning at 6 AM, with several of The Gym’s members being back inside getting their pump on, and sharing workout posts on social media.

The owner claims that he tipped off local officials to his plan to reopen, and received a summons from a code enforcement official. He’s blowing that off, and says he doesn’t anticipate any serious trouble because he claims his equipment is spaced out in order to follow social distancing guidelines, and there’s disinfectant everywhere. Lewis also says the showers and saunas are closed as a precaution, adding that “basically right now it’s a gym with bathrooms.”

The owner tells TMZ that he came to the conclusion to open his gym again after a recent conversation with a man, who confided in him that The Gym is his “home away from home.” The man told Lewis he’s falling apart without the facility. After the conversation, Lewis said: “I realized I was being a BITCH!! By letting down the people that matter most to our community!! By not providing a service that helps them get through all the bull s**t! And gives them hope, strength, and health.”

This is where things became interesting as social media suddenly became woke of the idea. And most people supported gym openings in California and nation-wide:

What do you think, should gyms opened despite the pandemic reaching record-breaking numbers in USA? Comment below.

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