Calling All Writers!! 4 Reasons Why The Negromanosphere Needs More Authors

Imagine if the Negromanosphere had authors that could influence the mind of other brothers!!

Not sure about the rest of you brothers, but I was pretty excited that Mumia Obsidian Ali has not only produced one book, but three books!

Shazam bitches!!

We know that these books will be a monumental to the Negromanosphere. However, it may not be enough in our arsenal in order to help more men create more media for other brothers, but to combat the re-iterated narratives that put us in a negative light.

As an author myself, I know the power of being an author. People come to you for advice, invitations to discussions or even debates. Having that tangible evidence gives you a support as you continue on your ventures to spread your message. It actually separates yourself from other folks because they have not put the time in to produce a book.

If you have ever thought about becoming an author, I’m going to give you 4 reasons (incentives) why you should become an author from the Negromanosphere:

1. Brings More Credibility:
Derrick Jaxn, Stephan Labossiere and Ace Metaphor all have books. I’ve never read them, but in the book industry, the old adage is, “becoming an author gives you authority over a subject.” Therefore most people would listen to these three simply because they have books. Imagine if the Negromanosphere had more authors to counter those talking points… Obsidian and LAR Movement are the only two authors of the Negromanosphere (I believe) and we need more brothers to come forward and not only speak their mind on YouTube, but put it in print as well.

2. To Have Sources At Your Fingertips:
Everyone needs reputable sources at their disposal at the time of a debate. Most of the commentators and content creators do an excellence job of making and countering talking points, but do not have the sources to back up their claims. Unlike the ladies, the fellas must come well versed to a discussion. Having books from your favorite brothers in the Negromanosphere could help you combat the ongoing talking points about relationships, dating/mating, politics and historical events.

3. Tangible Evidence To Combat Mainstream Media:
A well-written blog from this very site ended up in the hands of legendary comedian D.L. Hughley. If a blurb can make it into the hands of a celebrity, then a book can go much further. We don’t own YouTube and we can be silenced at any moment, but we do have the power to create our own media that cannot be silenced by others. A book that goes against the grain of mainstream society would not only trigger millions of reactions, but also create a buzz around the controversial topic—which would eventually get people to purchase the book.

4. Gives More Men Voices:
We have multiple content creators that have no problem speaking their mind, which is great! However, we have plenty of brothers who have other talents in media that we need to exploit for the better. If someone were to produce a book with great content, it would be another voice that can add to the conversation. The time and effort it takes to write a book shows that someone is not only dedicated to the subject, but also well versed with all the citations and other resources provided in the book. Brothers, it’s time to take action and produce more media for our brethren. We see you all in the chats, we see the opinionated Cash App donations, so why not get all of your thoughts out in a book? The Negromanosphere needs your voice!

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