Can you change a woman? Yes. Can you trust her to stay that way? HELL NO!

One of the ironclad tenets of standard game is that it is in a woman’s nature to try to change a man. Despite the fact that she thought enough of you to fuck you and only you exclusively (for the time being anyway), she still nags about shit she wants you to change or adjust.

“Donovan, I wish you’d shave your beard.”

“Why do you have to get up so early to workout? Cant’ you get up later or do it on weekends?”

“Let me take you shopping so I can pick out some new clothes for you. My treat!”

You get the idea. What women don’t realize at the time they’re trying to make these changes in you is that they don’t really want you to change. They think they do because the world around her tells her that it’s her responsibility to bring out the best in her man but deep down she knows that a man who needs a woman to be his best is a man she can neither love nor respect. Allow a woman to make enough changes to who you are and eventually you become an accessory she’s shaped and molded into what she thinks she wants and needs in a man.

Women respect Men, not accessories. Women create men into things they come to loathe and despise. They don’t know how to do it any other way. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the state of any man you know who allows his woman to “make adjustments” here and there.

That said, it is the complete opposite when you change sexes. That is, when a man tries to change a woman he will create her into something he can grow to love. We’re not built to self destruct when given any measure of control over anything like females are and if you have the right temperament (firm), and have the right woman (submissive and willing to make changes), you can absolutely change a woman.

But here’s the rub: You cannot trust her to stay that way.

Women rarely keep good habits instilled in them by Men

No matter how much a woman desires to stay in the mold in which you created her, she cannot be trusted to. She might love her new physique as a result of your direction in aerobic fitness and diet restrictions, she might love the fact that she’s performing better in bed, at work, and in the kitchen because you demand her best and hold her accountable, and she might absolutely adore the fact that you’ve made changes in her that she never thought possible without your help but if you take your foot off the throttle for even a little while, she’ll slip back into the bad habits that put her in the position she was in before you took possession of her.

Building a woman is akin to restoring a classic hot rod. When you get it, it’s in bad shape. The engine’s rusted out, the leather seats are cracked, the tires are shot, the interior’s a disaster, and the oxidation caused by the weather over the years has rendered the paint job a disaster.

So you rebuild the engine, replace the seats, put on brand new tires, completely overhaul the interior, wet sand the old paint job and replace it with a fresh coat of hard shell pearl cherry red paint, and you’ve successfully turned that car into the best version of itself.

But the word doesn’t stop there. You can’t just finish restoring the car and drive it around without doing anything else. You have to maintain it. You’ve got to change the oil, rotate the tires, keep the fluids topped off, clean the interior and wash the outside once a week if you want it to look and run its best because the car isn’t going to maintain itself. That’s your job.

Restoration is just the beginning

It is exactly the same with your woman. You can literally transform a woman in every way (provided she’s willing to be transformed which depends largely on your value to her) but you have to maintain her. You can’t just rest on your laurels and expect her to consistently execute the habits you’ve helped her cultivate. You have to be the commander and chief at all times to make sure she stays on track.

So yes, you can definitely change a woman. But you absolutely positively cannot count on her to stay that way. Not without your leadership.

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