Can YOU Trust HER?

We’ve reached a point in time when the world is full of uncertainties. Constantly on the doubt, we’re witnesses of a time when the rules are getting thrown out of the window. Today, anything is possible. And men have to adapt. To learn the ropes all anew, adjusting to the world where everything can and will be done.
With long term relationships slowly becoming a rarity, and one night stands becoming an acceptable and everyday occurrence, nothing is impossible. And if you’re a normal, down to earth guy who’s on the lookout for a healthy, normal relationship with a woman you like, you might find yourself in a bit of a stalemate. And in a case that DOES happen, can you relax at all? Can you go on idly fully trusting your woman to be faithful and chaste when you turn your back?
In this article we will ask this important and, some might say, controversial question, while trying to open some eyes and let you realize that today, in 2019, nothing is considered bad. Read on!

Hard Times Call for Hard Measures
You’re looking for a girl. You’re looking for a relationship. Ok, alright, we can dig that. It’s a normal, healthy thing to wish for, right? And then you find one. She seems shy, submissive, smart and conservative. No tattoos, no piercings, no heavy makeup. Just natural, pretty and without any red flags. Cool, you’d think, I snagged a rare one! Until, later on, when it’s too late, you find out a much darker background that hides behind that mask of innocence and the “good girl” look.
While you had your back turned, thinking your relationship was going well, your “good girl” was not so good after all.

Always on Your Toes
It’s sad but true, that a man can hardly ever relax. There’s a certain role that needs to be fulfilled, and if you fail at that role, then another man will step right up, doing the job you failed to do. We spoke previously about the “shit tests”, the AWALT concept, the masculine roles that keep the things in order, a little at least. Read up on these.
At times, this feels like a last, desperate attempt to deny the fact that one night stands are the norm of today. Stability, mutual trust, and, fuck, we’ll say it, even love, are seemingly a thing of the past with young, modern new generations.
So, how do you go about this? How to keep it in line? Well, figuratively, sleep with one eye open. Always be on your toes. As a man, you must adopt a dominant role. Set clear rules and stick by them.
Submissive by nature, women will stick to you as long as you display a role that fits every corner of the natural mold. Always being on top of your game will ensure to minimize the risk of infidelity. But, if you weaken it down a notch, a better contender might appear.

Mutual trust is a rarity nowadays, but it’s still possible. When meeting someone and looking for a potential relationship, don’t hesitate to set clear standards and rules and to learn more about the person. Remember that looks are nothing. Even an apparent Christian good girl bubbly type, can have a history that will make your stomach turn. Remember the rule: don’t listen to what she’s saying – watch her actions instead. Freakish behavior in bed, an easy lay, and similar details are a clear red flag and a proof that heavy dicking is nothing new for this girl. Every excuse to prove otherwise is simply her defense mechanism, spinning a tale for you in hope you won’t immediately label her as an utter slut. Which of course, would be clear to you.
Women in the 21st century can be stunningly promiscuous. It’s like a minefield out there, with more mines than there are duds, and finding a moderately “chaste” girl can be a ratio of 1:1000. Anyways, we hope you got a little insight in what it’s like out there. As always, we’re looking forward to your comments. Let us know below about your previous experiences. Did you ever meet a “good girl” only to realize she is a slut? Share your comments and opinions with the readers.
Until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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