The Case Against Re-Run Relationships

“Most people run out of PURPOSE way before they run out of DRIVE. If the “Why” in you dies, The “How” surrenders to Chance, Comfort, Coping or some other form of Concession and Complacency. Always Remember the “Why” and keep its Value High in your life.”

I originally wrote this as a response to someone’s status asking about going back to an ex after a breakup. Enjoy……..or don’t .

There are some who like Re-run Relationships, and some who don’t. It’s simply an issue preference.



A. I don’t have a scarcity mentality about finding a new good mate.

B. There’s a valuable character lesson to learn about yourself that does not involve your ex.

C. Sometimes that lesson is not solidified or confirmed when you go back (according to the theory in my mind because…………… I don’t go back.)

Relationships usually end because of some major form of disrespect… what does it mean when you go back to someone that obviously has lost respect for you? My guess is that you want some more disrespect.

Well….what if the person has matured since then?

My answer: Good for them and I wish them the utmost best with their future romantic life…as I will be pursuing or already have the same.

I think “going back” is really creating this cycle of Drama that both parties secretly get off on. Not to mention some “love to hate” sexual chemistry that really grown ass folks should be grown enough to see for what it is . FOOLS, it ain’t LOVE, it’s just some good NUTT!! Maybe both parties should come to terms that they are more shallow and animalistic in their nature when it comes to “relationships”.

I liken a relationship to someone having a LEASE on my heart. You pay rent with RESPECT and proper maintenance, because my heart provides that for you. If you violate, you can be evicted. Your Lease is up and I will prepare for a new tenant. NOW, if you didn’t treat my property right the first time, WHY IN THE HELL would I give you another chance to FUCK it up again? That wouldn’t be a good look for me now would it? Also, I need to fully get you out of my heart so that I can provide the same top notch service to the next tenant, because It’s only fair that my heart be as clear for the next person, who will probably treat it much better.

Thats a BIG problem with alot of people nowadays, they can’t give their all to the next one , because they are still attached to all these other FAILURE exes, but yet, they want the next person’s “ALL”. Watch out for such Hypocrites. Usually, those of the “Break up to Make up” crowd that carry these past attachments.

Long story short… get a clean slate with me , I Reasonably Expect the same from you, and I wish you well if you violate it.

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