Stop complaining, and Start Packing

Are you beyond stressed in the US? Too done with the typical humdrum racism?

How about just plain overdosed with negative, comatose people? Oh, or better yet, the bum-azz haters whom love them?

Now whether you crave for an Italian hot espresso or a spicy Afro-Caribbean dish, there’s nothing quite like booking an airline ticket to another country that has more to offer than the standard bitter-whores but, conversely, an array of warm, dayum-near stereotypical friendly women whom just HAPPEN to be drop dead gorgeous. Uh-huh, gents, that’s right:

Its passport p***y! And you already know what that means, don’t you?

Italian Hot Espresso

Stop complaining and start packing

“Well, you’re just going overseas for some easy p****,” Quanisha Shante frowns. “See, n*ggah, you can’t handle a strong woman.”

Hold up. WTF did she just say? I just spit out my iced-coffee onto my computer screen while selecting an aisle seat with extra leg room online.

Oh, yeah, and while we’re at it, if you’re in a so-called relationship, do you even think about bringing your sand to the beach or not?

Unsprings hidden stash box, checks for a full magazine of hollow points then racks one in the chamber. “Hold up now, Marcus,” I say to myself while SMH back into reality as well as away from 25 to life!

Spicy Afro-Caribbean Dish

There’s gotta be a better way

Well, fortunately, my fellow unplugged Brothers, there’s a non-violent response to dealing with these emotional vampires. Frequent flyer miles.

No, seriously, though. Welcome to the club of where no sane straight man would ever allow himself to get caught up in any of this type of drama.

And especially, when it’s totally avoidable.

Now see, some people—mostly women whom have hit the proverbial wall and/or your neighborhood simpoholic dudes—may prematurely label us as just merely another lame, sexually-driven subculture of ain’t sh*t males. When the truth of the matter is that they’re way off by lightyears, as my co-hosts and I have discussed on The Love BrothersPodcast (now called The Marcus Love Experience) numerous times.

Because, guys, if you don’t like your current situation, sensing your soul about to explode, then GET OUT! Well, at least for a few weeks or so.

I mean, for those among us whom aren’t independently wealthy via a small business yet (or even hood rich through an illegal one), it’s usually a daily grind of stacking enough paper to catch that much needed flight away from the bullshiiid. But when we do?


Dark and Lovely Chocolate

It’s on

What? Too much English on that last pool table shot *COUGH! COUGH!* or perhaps some of you almost choked on the virtual hand chalk?

Regardless, just as long as a man calls his own shots, his lifestyle shall always remain in pocket. And as the late, great Prince once sang in Party Up, “I don’t wanna die. I just wanna have a dirty-good time!”

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