Mischievous Outing on a nation

February 11, 2017 Bladmin 0

by: Anthony Kolawole Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan might pass as Nigeria’s most mischievous former leader. Clad in the linen and fake illusion of a national statesman recently, Jonathan has been fruitlessly attempting to re-write […]


Marriage and the man today

February 3, 2017 Bladmin 0

Today, the perception of marriage still varies depending on the societal enclave we find ourselves in. Knowing that a society is a large group of people who live in the same area and have same […]


The legendary ‘bad ass’ African King

January 27, 2017 Bladmin 0

This publication about Emperor Sango is not about some unruly sex-crazed king committing suicide as the Spaniard-Americans like to depict him in Santeria. As a matter of fact this legendary African warrior King’s achievements are […]


Death at Trump support rally

January 22, 2017 Bladmin 0

Known as the most populous nation in Africa. Nigeria, a country that boast of the most promising citizens from every walk of life in Africa witnessed another dramatic turn when some of her citizens took […]

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