When No is Not No

January 13, 2018 Shina Orodele 0

The world is not straight. Be aware of all its corners and turns so you can walk it freely. So my friends came, they wanted to test me, they wanted to find fault in the […]

Black Men

Perception of Working Black Men

December 21, 2017 Rom Wills 1

I had a comment on one of my videos that I found very interesting.   A young man wrote that a woman had problems dealing with him because he had a job, his own place, and […]


Inflection Point (Once A Man)

November 11, 2017 Bobby Cenoura 2

In a situation similar to Richard Pryor’s, I got off of the toilet thinking I had done all the shitting a person could possibly do until I was on my way out of the door; […]


Crisis and Breakdown

November 3, 2017 Bobby Cenoura 0

“This is just a crisis….this is not a breakdown…this is not unusual…I feel okay…look at all the pictures…look at how I’m smiling…this is just a crisis…I’m holding on…” -Paul Oakenfold compiled song “This Is Just […]

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