Black Community

More Diversity of Black Male Images

October 19, 2017 Rom Wills 0

When I was younger I used to talk to many adolescent Black boys both formally and informally.  Sometimes it would be the young boys I coached in youth soccer.   Other times it would be random […]

Black Community

Turn Out The Lights The Party’s Over

October 12, 2017 Tony Maceo 0

“I don’t care if you have a billion man march. If you don’t put down the maltliquor and chicken wings,……… you’re never gonna get rid of someone like me.”-Bulworth 1998 As 2018 approaches, with the […]

Black Community

The Changing Models of Black Manhood

October 5, 2017 Rom Wills 1

One of the latest trends in the Black community is women going crazy over men wearing beards.   We see this with numerous social media trends.   Businesses that cater to men wearing beards are laughing all […]

Price of Protest
Black Community

The NFL & The Real Price of Protest

October 5, 2017 Tony Maceo 0

The NFL protest garnered world wide attention with photos of Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones, taking a knee in protest with the rest of his players. While Kaepernick was the first to commit such an […]

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