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Caro Kann-The Story of Robert F. Williams

January 30, 2018 Tony Maceo 2

Turn the Tables: The Counterattack Strategy. Moving first shows your opponent your strategy. Wait; draw them to make the first move. Analyze their strategy and counterattack based on the weaknesses they reveal.-Robert Greene 33 Strategies of […]

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How Black Women Create Weak Black Men

January 28, 2018 Darron Brown 0

Many black men in today’s society do not feel safe or comfortable being themselves. They fail to have the career and/or relationship that they seek and desire. These men become the person they believe others […]

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January 26, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Every man here knows at least one woman whom posed the question, “Who does a man love more? The woman he lies to or the woman he tells the truth to?” In other words, if […]

The Boss
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The Boss & The Side Piece

January 23, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

In 1967, Betty Spates was a just another 17-yr old black teen who had come up to Memphis from Mississippi. She was one generation removed from the demeaning sharecropping system of the Jim Crow South. […]

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The Real Deal with Struggle Love

January 18, 2018 Rom Wills 1

I saw a video recently with a young Black woman talking about “struggle love.”  For those who live under a rock “struggle love” is the concept of a woman being with love with a broke […]

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