Black Community

Who Shot Ya?

June 8, 2019 Marcus Love 1

Now we all knew that this day would eventually come. An on-duty police officer convicted of shooting an unarmed citizen but not without the expected twist: this time, the cop’s a Black man found guilty […]



October 16, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

The pitchforks were drawn. The torches were burning in the night as the left’s town villagers went foraging through the night in search of Frankenstein’s Monster. They were joined by their compatriots in the black […]


And Justice for All

August 17, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Shhh! A moment of silence while this FIONE woman (no relation) in the Feature Pic kneels in protest. . . Thank you. Now on with the blog. Okay, my daughter and I are both military […]


Trump, Putin or Obama

July 20, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Did you hear about the latest from President Trump? He’s once more, not surprisingly, passing the blame onto someone else about the ongoing soap opera-like saga of the Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. […]

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