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Obsession – Learning from C.T. Fletcher

July 31, 2019 V. 0

Introduction to Obsession Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, some motivation to get me going when I feel under the weather, I quickly reach out to those places which can give me a […]



July 1, 2019 Tony Maceo 0

“The borrower is servant to the lender.”-The Bible As America convulses in the clutches of manipulated, and off times, misrepresented statistics about a low unemployment rate, another more troubling shift has been occurring in the […]


No Regrets – Learn From Everything

June 24, 2019 V. 0

Introduction “I regret doing this”, “I shouldn’t have ever done that…” and any similar grumbling and self pity is so often heard these days, and most often with young and up and coming guys. In […]

Black Community

The Most Rewarding Hobbies For Men

June 21, 2019 V. 0

Introduction A man’s life is definitely not made for sitting around all day, wasting your time away. We can all agree that men need to keep busy, to have a steady routine and a determined […]


AWALT – The Universal Truth

May 4, 2019 V. 0

Introduction During the course of our relationship here on Negromanosphere, as readers and men of similar tastes, we often discussed some central terms and themes that run through the core of most manosphere-related subcultures. We […]

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