Dating Tips

Love and Happiness – Myth or Reality?

November 11, 2018 Alex V. 0

Introduction Love, happiness, harmony and idealism – these are all healthy yearnings for both men and women. We all secretly desire these envisioned goals, but we never stop to think: Will we ever be able […]


Reading – The Hobby of a Successful Man

October 15, 2018 Alex V. 0

Introduction When focusing on the numerous manospheres out there, and all the sites that serve to influence men who wish to improve, there is always one important theme missing. Books. From even the earliest cornerstones […]


Alone Time – The Importance of Reflection

October 13, 2018 Alex V. 0

Introduction In this hectic modern world, where we are always distracted by one thing or another, and time for ourselves becomes very rare, men are faced with a noticeable lack of “me-time”. Without the important […]


Never rest on your laurels

September 27, 2018 Sports Philosophy 0

Introduction This is a public service announcement to all black men. Never rest on your laurels. Get off your high horse. Don’t rest on your past glory. In this day and age of social media […]

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