January 9, 2018 Tony Maceo 3

There appears to be a tidal wave of excitement concerning the upcoming Feburary 15, 2018 release of Marvel’s Black Panther.  In certain sectors of Black America, there also appears to be some controversy. Not about […]


A Guide To Edible Wild Plants

December 16, 2017 V. 0

Food and sustenance are the two great priorities for everyone having a prolonged stay in the wild. When you find yourself in the wilderness, whether camping, hiking, or perhaps in a survival situation, making sure […]


Best DO It Yourself Projects for Men

November 24, 2017 V. 0

“Do it yourself” is a perfect tagline and a perfect hobby for every man out there that cares about himself, his skills and his usefulness around his home and family. It is an understated fact […]


Inflection Point (Once A Man)

November 11, 2017 Bobby Cenoura 2

In a situation similar to Richard Pryor’s, I got off of the toilet thinking I had done all the shitting a person could possibly do until I was on my way out of the door; […]

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