Top 5 African Rappers Right Now

September 9, 2018 Alexandru M. 0

After making a short inclusion through the top 5 Nigerian rappers right now, we decided to list five African rappers that are making waves this year. 5. Nasty C Nasty C is young, fresh, super […]

Dating Tips

Stealing Billy the Beta’s Woman

September 7, 2018 V. 0

Introduction If you’re a regular follower of the Negromanosphere, then you certainly know the special emphasis we place on the right masculine values. In one of our recent articles, we talked about crushing the so-called […]


Things to Know About Crossfit

September 4, 2018 V. 0

Introduction We can’t stress enough the importance of being physically active. Matter of fact, we talked about it so often through our articles, that it is now becoming a mandatory thing – no need to […]


Top 5 Nigerian Rappers Right Now

September 2, 2018 Alexandru M. 0

Check out our top five Nigerian rappers right now to find out more about one of the most talented music waves coming from overseas. 5. Skales Despite being only 27 years old, Skales has managed […]


Recognizing the Red Flags When Dating Women

September 1, 2018 V. 0

Introduction Dating can often be similar to a minefield, for both sides. You can walk along and have no big troubles, but then you get to step on a mine. And things go downhill real […]


How a Real Man Can Be Unique

August 28, 2018 V. 0

Introduction – The Sad Reality In today’s day and age, it is a sad fact that we need to understand and come to terms with. Men have been cast down into the mud. The image […]



August 28, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

Clarence LaVaughn Franklin was born in 1915 as a child of the Mississippi Delta. The son of sharecroppers he was the deeply immersed in the Black Christian Tradition of the Deep South. As such, he […]

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