Black MEN Lives Matter

July 9, 2020 Marcus Love 0

You know, it never fails. Soon as a Black man’s shot in the back (restrained or not) from a racist cop, who’s “feared for his life” homicidal actions have, yet, again, put him in the […]


You Can Have This Funky War

June 15, 2020 Marcus Love 0

Enough is enough: you can have this funky war. I’m done fighting it. Now hear me out as I compare the long-lasting damage that feminism’s caused; mainly, the unacceptable foul behavior of Westernized women (specifically […]

Health For Black Men

5 Tips To Get Fit As A Single Father

April 9, 2020 SPK Lifestyle 1

    It’s 5:30 am, you’ve barely gotten enough sleep yourself last night, you walk into your child’s/children’s room and trip over their toys as you proceed to wake them up, they act like a […]

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