Confidence Through Dressing Well

November 10, 2017 alexa vuckovic 0

It is a well known and attested fact, and the matter we glanced on in our previous articles, that, although the clothes do not make the man, they can make the man’s confidence and countenance […]


Crisis and Breakdown

November 3, 2017 Bobby Cenoura 0

“This is just a crisis….this is not a breakdown…this is not unusual…I feel okay…look at all the pictures…look at how I’m smiling…this is just a crisis…I’m holding on…” -Paul Oakenfold compiled song “This Is Just […]

How Hip Hop became a culture..

Hip Hop – the birth of a culture

October 10, 2017 Alexandru Moruz 0

How Hip Hop became a culture.. Hip Hop took birth as a marginalized subculture in South Bronx NYC around 1970 when black and Latino youth combined four different elements. That is MC-ing, DJ-ing or turntablism, […]

Black Community

I Remember Her as Darkness!!

September 15, 2017 Style is Life 0

It was the beginning of the school year 1991. I was a young black boy from the projects of Chicago, Dearborn Homes, and I had just started 4th grade.  I vaguely remember chatter about how […]

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