Top Ten (active) Hip Hop Labels in 2016

November 20, 2016 Bladmin 1

With the explosion of social media everyone can nowadays become a star, from the comfort of his own home. Music isn’t any exception to this as many artists proved that you can make it big […]


Rappers No One Cares About Anymore

November 19, 2016 Bladmin 0

They used to have it all: money, cars, clothes and most important, the attention who payed for them. Unfortunately you can’t be number one forever, not even in the top 10 so it’s important to […]


How much are rappers paid for shows ?

November 14, 2016 Bladmin 0

The music industry has changed and is changing as we speak. As streams count now for sales and CD’s are extinct, the only option for getting heavy money is touring. Rappers don’t hit the million […]

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