March 27, 2018 Marcus Love 2

BLAHOW! “I made you look.” Nowadays, all it takes is a “big butt and a smile” to catch a man’s eye, get his full attention. Of course, with the promise of a little something, something […]



March 13, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

In the last 20 years, Black Conservatism has surged into the mainstream of Black American Politics. A philosophy once derided as being an accomplice to the social malady of white racism, it is fast becoming […]

Black Community

Caro Kann-The Story of Robert F. Williams

January 30, 2018 Tony Maceo 2

Turn the Tables: The Counterattack Strategy. Moving first shows your opponent your strategy. Wait; draw them to make the first move. Analyze their strategy and counterattack based on the weaknesses they reveal.-Robert Greene 33 Strategies of […]


IMF-The International Sugardaddy

December 5, 2017 Tony Maceo 0

“I’m asked where is imperialism?” Just look into your plates! You see the imported corn, rice & millet? This is imperialism, Let’s not look any further.”-Thomas Sakara To the world, Hugh Hefner was the ultimate […]

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