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SYSBM: The Hidden Self-Love Movement

January 6, 2020 Mumia Ali 0

“Respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself If you don’t respect yourself Ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot, na na na na Respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself” -The Staple Singers […]

Black Community

Are Black Women Fun?

December 30, 2019 Mumia Ali 0

“Did you sleep on the wrong side? I’m catching a bad vibe And it’s contagious, What’s the latest? Speak your heart, Don’t bite your tongue Don’t get it twisted, Don’t misuse it What’s your problem? […]

Black Community


November 23, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Aww, shheeit! It’s that time of year again. Today’s the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanks Taking—Oops, I mean, Thanksgiving (that’s another story for another time). North America’s official first day of holiday retail […]


Trump, Putin or Obama

July 20, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Did you hear about the latest from President Trump? He’s once more, not surprisingly, passing the blame onto someone else about the ongoing soap opera-like saga of the Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. […]

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