Kershaw Shuffle Knife Review

November 17, 2017 alexa vuckovic 0

For such giants of the knife industry, for the greats like the Kershaw Company, introductions are seldom needed. But for those of you who are uninitiated and, well, exceptions have to be made, let’s say […]


Choosing The Best Survival Knife

September 30, 2017 alexa vuckovic 0

When you are in the wilderness and the great outdoors, being knifeless is never a good thing. A good knife is everything to a survivalist and the outdoorsman. It is the ultimate tool when it […]


How to Survive in the Wilderness

August 26, 2017 alexa vuckovic 0

When braving the dangers we can face in the overwhelming circumstances of surviving in the wilderness, it is imperative that we are always prepared to the full extent of our abilities. Knowing how to behave […]

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