Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete Review

October 29, 2017 V. 0

There is a lot that has been said before about the veterancy and the established reliability that is found in the products that come from the famed Gerber company. One of the best when it […]


A Guide to survival shelters in the wild

October 1, 2017 V. 0

When you are out in the wild, hiking or camping, or you found yourself in a difficult situation needing a place to sleep and find shelter from the elements, you will want to know how […]


Choosing The Best Survival Knife

September 30, 2017 V. 0

When you are in the wilderness and the great outdoors, being knifeless is never a good thing. A good knife is everything to a survivalist and the outdoorsman. It is the ultimate tool when it […]


Survival Scenario: How to Survive a Desert

September 5, 2017 V. 0

Whether you are traveling through a desert region, or you decided for a safe and planned trip in such a climate, you still have to consider all the possibilities, and something going awry when you […]


How to Survive in the Wilderness

August 26, 2017 V. 0

When braving the dangers we can face in the overwhelming circumstances of surviving in the wilderness, it is imperative that we are always prepared to the full extent of our abilities. Knowing how to behave […]


Sustain Yourself Through Gardening

August 11, 2017 V. 0

“Reap as you have sown” is the old proverb. A time may come when we will truly experience the real meaning behind this saying, when preppers and survivalists alike might need to settle in one […]

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