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Develop a Laser Focus

September 20, 2018 Rom Wills 0

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a post that said something profound.   This brotha who is making his climb to be a millionaire shared some knowledge he was told by men […]

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Good Men Win in the End

September 13, 2018 Rom Wills 0

There is the famous saying that Nice Guys finish last.   It is felt that the genuinely good men get the short end of the sick as far as life is concerned and especially in male/female […]


Stacking Your Paper

August 3, 2018 Rom Wills 0

Every man needs to develop the practice of stacking his paper.   For those who are not familiar with that slang it just means to save your money.   Someone once said that money isn’t everything but […]

Streams of Income
Business/ Finance

Alpha Men = Multiple Streams of Income

June 24, 2018 "Doc" 0

One of the recurring themes on the Manosphere blog and youtube channel is what exactly is an alpha male. Obviously this is a multi-faceted question with many aspects to it ranging from financial, physical, spiritual […]

Black Community


June 19, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

Nearly 25 yrs ago, South Central Los Angeles, CA., was nearly torn apart from a riot that occurred as a result of the acquittal of 4 white police officers in the beating of motorist Rodney […]

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