Christelyn Karazin: The Victim Queen Revisited

The "Girl Who Swirls" proves what the O-Man has long known: That more often than not, Black women are volunteers in their own downfall

No, Christelyn. You're not a "victim"; you're a volunteer. Knock it off.
                                                  No, Christelyn. You’re not a “victim”; you’re a volunteer. Knock it off.

“How do you write women so well?
I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.”
-Jack Nicholson, “As Good As It Gets”

Christelyn Karazin, the self-styled “Girl Who Swirls” and in more recent years the owner and proprietor of “The Pink Pill” brand of online “charm school” courses, has been around for a very long time. Although she presents herself as merely a Black woman attempting to assist other Black women in “expanding their dating options” beyond the scope of Black men, in truth she has waged a one-woman crusade AGAINST Black men, with a very long track record to prove it. She is living proof of that old adage, that you can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end, you still have a pig (“Beyond B&W/The Pink Pill”,, May 26, 2020).

It seems that for all of her exhortations to her fellow “Pinkies” to “leave Blackistan” (read: leave Black men alone), to “level up” and so forth, she simply cannot stay away from Black men; earlier this summer, she called in to “Saint Kevin” Samuels’ wildly popular show, showered on him effusive praise, agreed to come back as a special guest and then did a 180 and dropped out, citing that Samuels, whom she claimed she’d been “watching from the clouds” for weeks on end, was being “mean to single mothers”. More recently, she called in to yet another hugely popular YouTuber’s show yet again, this time on the pretense of “defending” Hollywood actress Gabby Sibide; the latter had publicly announced her engagement to her White beau (“If You Don’t Gush Over Gabby Sidibe And Brandon Frankel’s Engagement Announcements, Then Your Heart Is Stone Cold”,, Nov 25, 2020).

However, this time, Karazin wasn’t met with the genteel mannerisms of Samuels, but rather the buzzsaw that is one Mr. Jason Black, the so-called “Black Authority”. Without question, Black treated Karazin harshly, including gratuitously insulting her; but his point was made: Karazin did and does, have a lot to answer for for her years on end malignment of Black men at large (“White Men Like Us Just The Way We Are”, Jason Black’s YouTube channel “The Business”, Nov 25, 2020).

Not to be outdone though, Karazin limped back to her own YouTube channel with her tail between her legs to present herself as a hapless victim (and of course, Gabby Sibide was also a victim of the “He-Man Black Woman Haters Club”) that is the Black Manosphere (“Why Mock Gabby Sidibe? What Did SHE Do to Ya’ll?”,, Nov 26, 2020).

The problem with all of this, of course, is that it’s all a bunch of bunk.

What this latest episode in the life and times of the Girl Who Swirls proves, is that at the end of the day, Karazin has no one to blame but herself for the failings in her life – and she is by no means alone. After all, with a YouTube presence alone of upwards of 90K subscribers, Karazin has a constiteuncy that rivals many big city councilmen – even US Congressmen/women(!). That means, that she represents a very real phenomenon – and problem in modern day Black American society: a not at all insigificant number of Black women who take no responsibility for their own lives, and blames any and everyone else for their own actions.

What does all of this have to do with a dating coaching column, you might ask? Read on!

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First, I’d just like to take time out to say a bit about Ms. Sibide, since she and her recent engagement is the pretext for Karazin’s latest antics; and while I have “gone on the record” over on my new YouTube show, I’d like to do so again here in writing for all posterity:

As one of the “founding fathers” of the Black Manosphere, I would like to make it publicly known that I wish nothing but happiness and many years of wedded bliss for Ms. Sibide; she has done nothing to me personally, nor has she made a career out of besmirching Black men wholesale, the way Karazin has. In my day to day work as an on-air talk radio and social media personality, I make it very clear that when I discuss what I see are the personal failings, bad behaviors and the like of Black women – what I refer to as “Black Female Fuckery” – I am very precise and specific in my sharp barbs of critique. Typically, I tend to focus on the “loudest voices in the room” – Black women who have access to rather large social media platforms, who have a long track record of publicly “coming at” Black men in some way. While Ms. Sibide is indeed a very public figure, I could find no such “papertrail” of her maligning Black men wholesale and thus, I have no reason to go after her.

Karazin on the other hand, who has been going after Black men for at least a decade, is a horse of another color. To this very day she attempts to paint herself as a victim at the evil clutches of a Black Manospherian, when nothing could be further from the truth. Put that together with her misfire regarding Samuels earlier this summer, and it all adds up to this: The problem with Karazin is Karazin herself.

I should also like to let it be known that I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with a Black woman finding love with a man of another color, race, ethnicity, etc.; the groundswell consensus of the Black Manosphere is that, while interracial dating and mating is a purely personal matter, “swirling”, as Karazin herself has propounded it, is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to once again malign and besmirch Black men at large, making interracial dating and mating – or the appearance thereof – to use as a cudgel on Black men’s heads.

But the gig is up, Christelyn. Everyone is now onto your act – and no one is buying.

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A year ago almost to the day(!), I wrote a column called “The Victim Queen” (, Dec 9, 2019); in it, I made the case that the single biggest problem Black women faced – especially when it came to modern day dating and mating concerns in Black America – was their own missteps, bad actions and poor decision making:

“For many decades now, Black women have done a masterful job of casting themselves simultaneously as “queens” and victims – on one hand, they are powerful, strong, independent, “don’t need no man”; and on the other, they are the hapless victims of the various iterations of “isms” – racism, sexism, featurism, colorism and so on. Black women love to bellow about their accomplishments on the one hand and equally relish bemoaning their inability to get a Black man “on their level”, due to a sheer dearth of “eligible” suitors -the litany of reasons and causes for this supposed state of affairs is way too numerous to recount here and seems to grow at an exponential rate. One has to ask: how is it possible to be so assertive, strong and independent and be at the whim of the vicissitudes of life, all at the same time? This is what I call the paradox of the Victim Queen.”

I continue:

“The harsh truth is that far too many Black women today suffer from fragile egos, malignant narcissism (which often explains their attraction to select fuckboys) and a need to boss around Black men, to say nothing of the power and real privilege that comes with being a “protected victim” in our “Woke” age. Stop the madness, already – the Victim Queen has on no clothes!”

As I noted above, Christelyn – and quite a few Black women today – create the very problems with Black men in their lives that they then love to complain about(!). Take Jason Black for example: Without question, he’s something of a jerk and an asshole – after all, you kinda have to BE those things to have any success in “shock jock” talk radio, and he certainly lives up to both. The problem here is that Karazin is drawn to the Jason Blacks of the world like a moth to a flame; she calls in, knowing full well what to expect, gets her head handed to her on a platter, then retreats back to her “safe space” of a channel to talk about how “Black men” are so mean, etc., et. al.. Blah, blah, motherfreaking blah.

We saw the same thing some years back, when Karazin invited a White fellow who went by the name of “The Veganator”. Despite his saying that he simply wasn’t into Black chicks at the time, she insisted in having him come on her platform – and he did what all jerks and assholes do – he was a jerk and an asshole to HER. To this day, her Oscar-winning, crocodile tear-laden performance is something still very much discussed and talked about in Black Manosphere circles.

What is hard to deny here, is that Karazin and arguably millions of Black women like her, LOVE jerks and assholes – and which explains how and why they’re so “upset” and “victimized” – BECAUSE THEY KEEP CHOOSING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Note what both incidents have in common here: Karazin being the most obvious; and the fact that she reached out to these men being the second.

And it’s the exact same thing with far too many Black women today. They love the swagger that comes with guys being “jerks and assholes”, but when that jerky assholery comes back to bite THEM in the ass, THEN it’s a problem.

Well, duh!

What Karazin proves is that she and millions of Black women like her, have a raft of serious issues that they need to deal with: Their masochism; their total lack of boundaries; and their refusal to learn from their past mistakes.

This is why Karazin, despite all the external changes, fixes and tweaks, always sounds the same, year after year, after year; it always comes back to the tired, old narrative, of how she’s this great “victim” at the hands of malicious Black men, who somehow has “done her wrong”.

No, Karazin. You’ve wronged yourself.

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Finally, we arrive at “today’s lesson” for the Non-Select Guy out there on the modern day Black American dating and mating scene – which is this:


Seriously. Avoid Black women like this. The great news is that they are very, very easy to spot: They constantly talk about the “victimization” of themselves, and/or Black women at large. They constantly get themselves involved with guys who everyone else can clearly see with one good eye ain’t exactly the kinds of people who are likely to treat people and Black women in particular, very well. They refuse to learn from their mistakes. And most important of all, they refuse to take any personal responsibility for their own lives or decisions.

And this explains how and why Black women are not only very unhappy people – they can’t get or hold on to an “Ideal Black Man” (IBM) if their very lives depended on it.

When you come across such a Black woman in your travels boys, simply slowly shake your head…

…and walk away.

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host, newly minted dating coach and soon to be author. You can catch his daily live shows on the global livestreaming radio website Mixlr, as well as the all-new members-only Obsidian Radio Zoomcast, and his podcasts on YouTube and Black Avenger TV, as well as his weekly dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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