Christians Should Stop Worshipping Actors

There is an atom of foolishness and ignorance in all of us. Christians. Muslims. Everyone. Most times, we claim to know but we do not know. This write-up is for Christians who have, for a long time, been deceiving themselves by worshipping the pictures of actors, thinking it is the picture of the real Jesus Christ. I’m not very sure there were cameras in the time of Jesus Christ.


If there were no cameras, that means Christians have been deceiving themselves with some of the pictures they usually hang in their worship centres. Jim Caviezel played Jesus Christ in the movie, The Passion Of The Christ. Christian Bale acted Jesus Christ in Mary, Mother Of Jesus. Henry Ian Cusick played the role of Jesus in The Gospel Of John. Robert Le Vigan acted Jesus in Golgotha.


Martin Donovan played Jesus in The Book Of Life (1998). Bruce Marchiano also acted Jesus in The Gospel According To Matthew: The Visual Bible (1993). Chris Sarandon acted Jesus in The Day Christ Died. Robert Powell played Jesus in Jesus Of Nazareth. Enrique Irazoqui acted Jesus in The Gospel According To Matthew (1964). Ralph Fiennes played Jesus in The Miracle Maker (2000).


I can’t mention them all. These actors are many. I just want Christians to know that the supposed picture of Jesus Christ they have been hanging on the wall in their house, office, or in their churches is probably a picture of Jim Caviezel, Robert Powell or Henry Cusick. Jesus Christ has no picture. Those things you hang on your walls can’t protect you. They are not Jesus. They are mere pictures of actors. You people should stop praying to, and worshipping Robert Powell, please.


Even the actor, on several occasions, has publicly denounced the stupidity. The level of stupidity about religion in Africa is worrisome. We need urgent help to liberate ourselves. Unfortunately, the white man who used the religion as a tool for colonisation, will not help us. We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. It must be noted that half of all Christians in sub-Saharan Africa believe Jesus will return in their lifetime.




Studies of religion have indicated Africa among world’s most religious places. Three out of 10 people in Africa say they have experienced divine healing. Some will say they have seen Jesus Christ or even angels. I don’t know how true this is but I know that there are a lot of confusion on religion when it comes to African people. This stupidity is not only limited to Africa, anyway. I think it is true of other continents, too. But, let us ask ourselves, does Jesus Christ really have a picture? Or, have we been deceiving ourselves with pictures of actors and celebrities?

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