Most common rookie mistakes for online stores

Online stores mistakes
Most common rookie mistakes for online stores

Starting your online store is definitely worth the effort but rookie mistakes are something you can easily avoid by researching for the right information. Check out five most common mistakes for online stores coming from new users.

5) If I start blogging, everyone will start reading it

The first time when you realize that a website is hard work is when you publish an awesome article and you find out that no one’s there to read it.

That’s when reality checks in. Don’t be foolish thinking that your website is a ground breaker just because it’s there. Focus on promotion and come up with a good plan for exposure.

4) Not having any content stacked

You’re going to be pretty pumped up once you finish your website. Content ideas will start floating and everything is going to be great at first. That’s normal, but what happens when orders start coming in and you’re a one man band show?

Do you leave your customers waiting to write on your blog? Or do you ignore your blog and focus on your customers. Prioritizing your blog will get your customers upset and prioritizing your customers will get search engines upset.

Stack your content to avoid this dilemma. Work ahead of schedule and hire freelance writes to help in.

3) Not sending a newsletter

Newsletters are the easiest way to get a huge amount of potential shoppers on your website with the least amount of effort. Collecting their e-mails is not effortless and it takes great patience but once your numbers are up, you can work your magic.

So, a rookie mistake would be not paying attention to newsletters.

2) Getting personal


So a customer purchased a product from your website and he or she was not pleased about it. What can you, as a business owner, do in this situation?

An experienced shop owner will try to sort it out by offering a return or a discount but a rookie will get really offended by the entire situation. That is, something you need to avoid by all costs. Even if the customer leaves a mean comment on your social media account, reply by mentioning that the situation was taken care of. Don’t make the whole thing worst!

1) Social media is free

Social media is not free, it never was and it will never be. Creating, posting, and promoting the content costs money and if you want to take care of social media all by yourself, you at least have to invest a good amount of time in this.

Be sure to research each and every platform and to put in a decent amount of effort to understand your public before wasting your promo budget.

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