Concepts on the Edge

Who was always the first in line to deliver only the strongest material to you, the readers? Who was at the forefront of the good fight, ready to provide inside and a bolstering, helping hand? Yes, the Negromanosphere. In the course of our work, we delivered a number of important articles, and on occasion, our flagship mode of statement – the concepts. The Gladiator, the Wolf, the Veteran concept, and many others that you can read here on the site, all stand as a word of encouragement in a time when courage is sorely needed. But today we ask a different question.
What happens when even the bolsterers need help? What happens when concepts are found on the edge, and things no longer seem so bright? Who will help us then?
So, today, the newest concept is no concept at all. Rather it is a discussion about a darkness that can swallow even the strongest men. And how do we get out of it? Today, concepts are on the edge.

There are no secrets now between us, and we can freely agree that all rational men, all free thinker and self respecting men, are living on the edge. Slowly, year to year, day by day, masculinity and strong men are becoming ostracized, pushed further and further towards an edge from which there is no turning back. Is there a way to deal with this threat?
To further dissect this subject, we will need your insight. Comment below – how do you see the situation of masculinity today and free speech? Do you feel that real masculine traits are under attack? We need to talk about this together.
We live in a time where every word is weighed meticulously, and those that weigh them hope to find a shred of toxicity, masculinity, and bigotry in every word a rational man might say. This saw rise to a plethora of anti-male movements, such as the #metoo movement, feminists, and a bunch of others. The first in line to conform with these fascist movements were the beta’s. These cucks and soy-boys were the first in line to bend over and agree that being a man is a bad thing. These weak men sided with the negative party, leaving all others to stand on the edge, alone and facing a fierce opposition. They left us – cornered.

The War of Attrition
The attrition war is much more calculated and much, much more dangerous than a regular destruction. This war is designed to shake the very foundation of an establishment, a concept, a society – anything it is aimed against. And today, that war is waged against tradition and masculinity. Just look around you – and understand what the media and  the world is trying to serve you: feminists, abortions, lgbtqs, racial hatred, religious hatred, capitalism, taxes, wars, and the list goes on. When we just want to live peacefully, normally, happily – we are denied even that.
When that happens, concepts are found on the edge. We are pushed to search for them in the most inhospitable, hostile and revolutionary places, where only the daring and the true roam. From these places we take what we are offered – truth, pride, honor and freedom.
Are men becoming just a shadow of what they were just a few decades ago? Are men becoming utterly weak? Is society becoming a circus? Share your thoughts with us. How do you feel about the way society is developing?

In the end, we hope it won’t be all gloom and doom from now on. Because, “when nothing in society deserves respect, we should create for ourselves in solitude new silent loyalties”.
As long as we have our beliefs, and we uphold our own values high, hope will exist. TRP, MGTOW, PUA, and Negromanosphere too, stand as a proof that real masculine values still exist. All these manospheres are the bastions of men – the last, real, concepts on the edge.

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