Confidence Through Dressing Well

It is a well known and attested fact, and the matter we glanced on in our previous articles, that, although the clothes do not make the man, they can make the man’s confidence and countenance stand out, shine and make a breakthrough toward many successes of life. Let us remember that without an enthusiastic spirit and a motivation to live and find success, there will await a tough, difficult road ahead. In this article, we will try to touch up on a seldom considered motivational subject that can potentially help reestablish your confidence and give you a bit of a push towards better outlook of life. And that motivational subject is dressing well. Style, hygiene, impression – these aspects stand testament to the old catch phrase – dress to impress. And it is this very catch phrase that can help all of us find that much needed confidence that can help us easily plough right through the difficult paths of our lives. You may wonder, how? Just how will I be more confident in life if I spend cash on stylish clothes and dress fashionably? Well, let us discuss that very thing.

The Looks
Whether you recently felt down on your luck, depressed or unattractive and unapproachable, or just had difficulties getting noticed and leaving and impression among the people around you, you’ll have to try and get to the core of the issue to solve it. Unfortunately, it is a fact that society attributes a lot to the looks of a person, and will often judge based solely on that fact, and that first impression they get. That is, of course, a dreadfully wrong thing, but a lot of things are dreadfully wrong when it comes to people and society in general, so, for now, we’ll have to accept that ugly fact and see how we can play along.  Take a good look in the mirror; see whether you like what you see. Is there anything that you can improve? It is a healthy consideration – improvement is always welcome, and is a sign of healthy, rational thinking. Can you tone down that belly? Accentuate your muscles? Is your hair scruffy? Acne? All of these quirks can be fixed in no time with just a little motivation and patience. Hit the gym a couple of days per week. See a barber and get a nice trim. Visit the pharmacy and get a cream for the face. All these things can help improve your looks, getting rid of those undesired little issues, and help boost your confidence each day.

The Wardrobe
Once you pay attention to your body, you’re already half way there. Next up, take a look in your wardrobe. What do you see? Bland hoodies, old jeans, generic t-shirts and uninspiring clothes? Put that stuff aside and leave it for when you are home alone. Access your funds and sacrifice a reasonable sum to invest in your new self. You’ll thank yourself later on. Hit up the more affordable stores, online sales and established second hand dealers. All these can have exceptional, stylish clothing at more than reasonable prices that most of us can afford. You can always find good deals on dress shirts, tailored, fitting pants and designer jeans, pullovers and trench coats. All of these you can purchase and live to tell the tale. If you lack the sense of style, which no one should lack, check out around the internet for tips on fashionable wear, the best styles for your look, and so on.
Once all this is done, and you went the length to purchase a new set of clothes, and perhaps a new wrist watch, a pair of matching stylish shoes and a new perfume, you’re set for taking the next steps.

The Style
Lonesome? Jobless? Loveless? Spineless? Stop thinking that there is no way out of that situation. Step right in front of that big mirror on the wall, and ask it, who is the best out of them all? Next, get your gear on. Find the style for your body type and overall look. An example that always works for men; In summer, early autumn, wear a slim fit dress shirt, first button undone. Tuck the dress shirt into a pair of fitting jeans or tailored pants, with a leather belt securing. Roll the sleeves half way, and accessorize with a watch, pocket handkerchief, and manly perfume. You’re set to win brother.
Friends or no friends, it matters not. Once dressed up, you WILL feel so much more confidence in yourself and your own capabilities. Get out there and mingle about. The opportunities will present themselves soon enough. Looking for a job? Your interviews will go a lot smoother when you look great, as will your chances of scoring that job. Looking for a girl? Hit the café, the club or the library. Throw a few words out there and a conversation might ensue. It’s all smooth riding from there on. The world around you is teeming with possibilities for joy and contentment. You need to realize you are cut out for all of them, and go out and conquer.

Just remember that looks are not always the keys to success. To match the good looks you’ve built, you will need to act, think and speak with confidence in yourself, without fear or holding back. Countenance and confidence go shoulder to shoulder. Think the way you look, and speak the way you think – and friend, the world of success will writhe in turmoil at   your feet. Conquer!

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