Cops shut down numerous hood parties by watching social media

It appears that people across the United States are pretty much not down with the quarantine rules and regulations while looking to burst up their morale with a well-deserved hood party. It happened before numerous times ever since the begging of the quarantine, and cops are taking notice and taking steps to shut ’em down.

In the age of social media, that’s obviously not that hard to do since everyone is posting every detail of their life online. So naturally, police officers are following the trend while locating hood parties based on hints left on social media by the people who attend them. One party with 1,000 guests, and another with a stripper getting swarmed were so packed, social distancing was impossible. Then again, by the looks of it, the guests clearly didn’t care about COVID-19.

Law enforcement sources claim that cops in big cities across the United States are NOT putting up with the dangerous practice, and they’re starting to crack down more, especially knowing there will be huge parties as the weather gets warmer.

The Chicago, Los Angeles and New York Police Departments are putting their ears to the ground and their eyes on social media to track down any emerging sardine-like get-togethers or turn-ups. That’s right, police is actively monitoring live feeds and trends, so if it starts to get lit and gets posted online, they’ll probably see it. So if the parties get too big, and they’re clearly violating basic quarantine guidelines, guests will get an ugly surprise when cops come knocking to break it up.

Just for reference, NYPD’s dished out 190 summons and made some 22 arrests thus far pertaining to this exact behavior, LASD has cited 41 and arrested 3, and Chicago is at 13 citations and 18 arrests over flagrant breaking of social distancing. There’s more to come, that’s for sure. So hood parties heating up during the quarantine and cops are watching social media to shut them down. What do you think about this situation? Hit the comment section below to share your thoughts on the matter.

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