Creating a Strong Culture

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When talking about dysfunction in the Black community many racists and self-haters will say it’s something inherent in the DNA of Blacks that causes the problems.   Yet the same people can’t seem to articulate an intelligent explanation when it is pointed out that there are groups within the Black community who do not exhibit the same level of dysfunction.  There are big differences between communities dominated by Pookie and Ray Ray and communities dominated by members of the Black Upper Class or sometimes religious groups outside the Black Christian paradigm.    The real issue is not DNA but rather culture.

Culture comes from the term cultivate.   A true culture cultivates certain behaviors, social norms, and taboos within a particular social group.   The problem within Black America is many of the cultures that make up the group are dysfunctional on one hand and on another hand change like the wind.  I’ll provide an example using the type of men who are considered sexually desirable.

In my 50 odd years of life I have seen several types of men held up as ideal.   When I young it was light skin men.   During my late twenties it was chocolate skin men.   For a while it was thugs.   When Barack Obama was elected President, men who matched his icon were considered ideal.   Recently men who wore beards were considered en vogue.   In general the Black community doesn’t have much of a culture but many fads.  The issue can be corrected by creating a strong culture.   I’ll make some brief suggestions as an outline of what it would take to create a culture.

The first thing a true culture has is a philosophy of living.   Every major culture that has survived the test of time has at its base a major philosophy, be it a religion, moral code, or simply a school of thought.   Everything else about the culture comes from that philosophy.  The Black community needs a philosophy that empowers rather than one that puts us at the mercy of outside groups.   For example, the idea that people will call the white man our oppressor and yet ask that same oppressor to empower us is quite frankly idiotic.   Any philosophy must empower a group.

The next important factor is economics.  Contrary to popular belief economics is more informed by social dynamics within a group than anything else.   People spend money on the things they value.  Those values are created by the philosophy of the social group.   For example in the African American subculture generally referred to as the “Conscious Community,” a value is eating Vegan food.  If, hypothetically, a critical mass of Conscious Blacks moved to a 10 square block area of a city, fast food restaurants in that area will likely go out of business while Vegan spots would flourish.   Also clothing stores selling items that appeal to this particular subculture would flourish as well.

Speaking of food, a key part of any culture is the food that appeals to the culture.   Indeed a culture’s food choices is a major economic driver.   We’re talking restaurants, farms that grow certain foods, and grocery stores.  Every immigrant group that comes to the United States establishes restaurants and grocery stores before any other type of business.    They do this to maintain their cultures.

Another important factor in the development of culture is mating.   Cultures are transmitted not in schools, lectures, books, or just by someone telling someone to behave a certain way.  They are transmitted through families.   The family is the prime unit in any culture.   Children are raised to transmit the culture.  Therefore any viable culture will look to create strong families.   For this reason in many parts of the world marriages are arranged.   A major reason for the chaos in the Black community is the breakup of families.   The mating protocols of culture are of extreme importance.

This is just a brief overview of what it would take to create a strong culture.   Of course something of that magnitude would require several volumes at least.   At this point I want to give the reader something to think about.

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