Cure Your Oneitis – Why You Should Move On

We kind of walked around this subject like it was the plague, but there’s no more avoiding it. The time has come to address this undoubtedly important theme – a problem that is troubling many young and inexperienced men out there. And don’t worry, being a bit clueless and prone to mistakes in your youth is no big deal. It happens to all of us. But the best thing is the fact that you can learn from your mistakes. Having a oneitis is a great lesson and gives you important insight into women and gaming in general.
For those of you unfamiliar with the term “oneitis”, let’s elaborate. In manospheres and red pill societies, a “oneitis” is that “one” woman (although there are no “one of a kind” girls). That one thot that played you for a fool, left you stranded, used you, or it simply didn’t work out. Whatever the case, you probably felt like shit because of all that, you felt hurt and rejected. And nowadays, in your moments of weakness, it comes back to haunt you. That’s what “oneitis” could be, and we will discuss how to forget it and get rid of that emotional baggage. Because trust us – it is possible. Let bygones be bygones, let the past stay in the shadows where it belongs. Move on!

An Often Repeated Tale
Broken relationships and tales of romantic heartbreak are often repeated today, and sometimes they are a hard kept secret for any person. It is normal to bump into that one perfectly matching person and after it goes downhill, you will feel at a loss. Some men, those who are a bit behind and clueless, will often plunge into a dark place when this happens. They will put the blame for the failure on themselves, feel that they are worthless or not good enough. But the truth is far from that.
On the other hand, those men who respect themselves, who hold themselves upright no matter what, can use the hurt and the failed relationship to further improve themselves, to pursue more important goals in life and create a successful chapter of their life that will make the hurt quickly go away and become forgotten. You have the power to look at the truth and take it for what it is. And that truth is most likely dark and bitter, and is hard to swallow. But swallowing it and accepting it will set you free.

Getting Back to Earth
Falling for that woman you thought was the perfect one for you, is a normal part of every young man’s life. Your head is in the clouds, you see no other woman and every other falls short. And then you fall back down to earth, hard. The truth is far from perfection. Repeat after us – She is not perfect. She has flaws. You know it, and you have seen these flaws. But that stubborn voice in your head refuses to agree. And so you keep being sad because of some woman.
What you should do is face the facts.

Raw Facts & Hard Truths
These facts are the heart of the matter. If you choose to face them you can achieve so much more and get out of that dark hole you are in. The hard truth is that more than likely she doesn’t care for you as much as you do for her. Women are subconsciously predisposed to quickly settle for a better catch and not dwell too much on the past and what is lost to them. The best example of this is the “War Brides” principle by Rollo Tomassi, which we recommend to you. So, more than likely, while you sulk and cry, the woman you desire is already onto her next catch, rationalizing her loss by getting pounded by Mr. Chad H. Thundercock – and giving no second thought on you. Fix that image into your head. Realize you have been spurned and insulted – you have been disrespected and your value diminished. Your valuable time has been considered as nothing. So, instead of crying after someone who forgotten you in the time span of two days, and quickly “fell in love” with the first Chad in line, you should forget about all that and work on yourself. Hit the gym, get some paper, and game new women. Find someone who will show respect to you – or better yet create the version of yourself that is respected. Always keep in mind that your time is valuable and priceless – you should never waste your days and your years on people who don’t give a shit about you. And when you get a grey day, a moment of weakness (it happens to everyone) instead of sulking and remembering old times and old bitches, just remember Mr. Chad H. Thundercock and the fact that he is plowing that very same, sweet field which you didn’t get to plow. That alone should be enough to get you an explosive workout in the gym and a way better feeling at the end of the day. Fuck that shit and move on!

Conclusion – Happiness in Sight
No self-respecting man deserves to be insulted or played for a fool. But you need to learn this the hard way, sometimes. You should never allow your time to be disrespected, and you do that by putting boundaries and showing that you need to be respected. How do you get to that stage, you ask? By working HARD on improving yourself – never settle for less when you can achieve a whole lot more. So – no more sulking, no more living in the past – bygones are bygones. Now, hit that heavy iron, chat up some bitches and stack that paper. And move on! You deserve it.

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