The Dangers Of Men And Women Going Their Own Way

In this day and age we seem to have forgotten the simplest of concepts. There was a time when people understood rank and file. We all understood there was a natural order to things. I blame the entertainment industry. That and the, “no one is a loser,” philosophy of our modern day gynocentric society. Just think about it. Today children go to school in an, “ultra-nurturing,” environment filled with gobs of positive reinforcement. No longer is our schools institutions of academia where competition is not only encouraged, but expected. It’s no wonder we’ve fallen from the top spot amongst the world of achievement. Our schools have become feeling factories where we coddle children into believing they’re ALL winners. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t share such a ridiculous sentiment.











     In addition to that, we have television shows and movies that show fat unattractive socially awkward losers as the main protagonist who will most certain achieve greatness and get the guy/girl. Again. The real world doesn’t share such a ridiculous notion. What these new age teachers and storylines don’t tell you is that certain behaviors will never lead to winning habits. Winners compete and loser do not. Losers give up when the going gets tough. This is why they are losers. And make no mistake about it. They do exist.

As harsh as it may seem, it’s really a simple matter of numbers. Genius, beauty, charisma, talent, physical fitness, fiscal responsibility, etc. is rare. However, stupidity, ugliness, social awkwardness, lack of talent, obesity, and being broke is abundant. What is rare will always be desired and the competition for what is rare is fierce. This is the reality of the world that we live in. Men compete for women and Women compete for men. Rich, charismatic, alpha males will always get the most beautiful, physically fit women. And vice versa. The rest of the world will have to get in where they fit in because water will always seek its own level.Related image

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Due to the previously mentioned concepts in education and media (which seem to only produce extremely selfish adults with the minds of children) we’re currently dealing with two or three generations of men and women who literally want to suspend reality so they can live their lives based on how they think things should be. The only problem is the fact that these two groups of men and women are diametrically opposed although they’re behavior is almost identical. A concept that almost certainly spells doom for humanity as we know it. These men and women subscribe to one of two ideologies. Feminism or MGTOW.

Image result for feminismFor millions of years, men and women have played their roles. Roles specific to each gender that has enabled humanity to rise to the top of the food chain. And regardless of the delusions of our modern-day ideologies, it’s become painfully clear that these, “gender roles,” play an important part in our society. Initially it was women who decided to, “go their own way,” in the 50s. Fortunately for us, the feminist revolution had no serious effect on our society. After all, it’s just a bunch of women deciding not to do house work, right? Unfortunately, the feminist movement had and continues to have major effects on our society. Just the fact that women were granted the right to vote was a major change considering the fact that women outnumber men ten to one.

However, during the 50s women were not a major part of the workforce. What would have happened if men decided to stop doing what they have always traditionally done. While it’s true that men are expected to sacrifice more than women, it is also true that some of those sacrifices are necessary. Part of the reason men made those sacrifices was for the greater good. An admirable quality in men. But what happens if men stop being selfless? What happens if men decide to be selfish?

And cue the MGTOW movement. Initially a movement of men who decided that they would no longer be bound by the rules of traditional society. Basically, the same thing that sparked the feminist revolution. And just like feminism, MGTOW has grown and expanded to so many definitions that the actual concept has become vague and filled with contradictions. In fact, I’ve noticed only one distinct difference between MGTOW and Feminism. While feminism did not begin as a movement of lesbians, ugly and fat women (which is what it has evolved into), a large percentage of MGTOWs start out as nerds, lames, or beta males. And just like the not so desired feminists, these men decided to suspend reality and step outside of the rank and file that we previously mentioned. These men decided that they were tired of competing with Alpha Males for hot ass. Why should those who hit the genetic lottery be the only men to get what they want. These men decided to get an edge on the Jocks. Luckily for them other self-professed nerds felt the same way and where in positions to devise strategies which would give them the appearance of an Alpha Male. Coupled with the fact that most nerds have successful careers and plenty of resources, they would be unstoppable. Enter the age of the PUA (pick up artist).Image result for pua

Literally overnight, book stores and internet forums were flooded with guys wanting to learn from these, “Dating Gurus.” And they learned alright. What they learned is that, just like Mystery’s magic tricks, that’s all pick up was. A de facto Jedi mind trick that gets your foot in the door. But then what? As successful as many were, applying strategies devised by Neil Strauss, Mystery, David De Angelo, and the like… They still knew very little about dealing with women on a long-term basis. PUA game granted them access to the party, but would not sustain them. This became painfully obvious when these dates became full blow relationships. Relationships that ended with the man feeling disappointed and betrayed. What they didn’t realize is that pick up was only one piece of a larger puzzle. With that realization, a lot of men decided NEVER to jump back in the saddle.

“I don’t wanna play this game anymore,” I’ve heard some men proclaim. “It’s all bullshit,” they would say. “It’s not fair.” So just like PUA culture was created through male frustration, MGTOW was born due to the shortcomings of PUA strategy. Sure, they’ll tell you it’s part of some grand philosophy. Others will say it’s because they don’t want to be subject to child support or have all their belongings taken in an ugly divorce, even though most MGTOW have never been married or sired children. It all boils down to pussy, or lack thereof. And what they don’t realize is, the fatal flaw in MGTOW is the same fatal flaw in PUA…Image result for mgtow There is no shortcut to manhood. And part of manhood whether you like it or not is dealing with women. Women can claim feminism and pretend to be exempt from men. That is a ridiculous notion because men provide they’re civilization. They can continue to behave like those children who believe they can rearrange reality. They can lose themselves in television shows and movies like, “Twilight,” where the plain ugly girl has two guys fighting over her. But not men. To quote Vito Corleone, “Women and children can be careless, but never men.”Image result for women and children can be careless but not men

But why is this? It’s because unlike women, men rule and sustain the world. We simply cannot afford to go on strike because we’re not getting the pussy we want. And don’t get it twisted. I’m not giving women a pass. What the feminists are doing IS effecting our society. Image result for you can act like a man gifIt’s just affecting us in a slower manner because they’re not in the driver’s seat. However, if men take on this attitude it will kick our downfall into overdrive. Both ideologies are dangerous, but MGTOW is the most dangerous of all. Women shirking their responsibilities seem to only effect individual households. Men shirking our responsibilities affects the very fabric of society. It’s a fact. Remember that men? Remember logic? It’s not about your feelings. That’s what separated men from women. It’s the reason we’re the ruling sex. It’s because we can separate feelings from logic. We can grasp the concept that some things are bigger than our individual wants and needs (something women struggle with). Men can make the sacrifices for the greater good because we understand when something is bigger than us. One of the defining traits of being a man. And let me say this as I close. This is not a shaming tactic. It’s merely a fact of life. Be a man. Our modern civilization literally depends on it.


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