Dating A Broke Girl Doesn’t Guarantee Herpes For Life

Some men date broke girls for loyalty. How silly! And by broke girls, I’m talking about girls who do not work or feel inclined to working. To them, it is something uncool. Why would anyone work, would be their expression. Some of these girls do not have any real source of income but they are okay. They are just there because they are beautiful and someone who has made the money would come someday and pick them up.

They wake up and stay in front of the mirror and then graduate to social media to sell their so-called beauty. And some men believe that once the money is there, the girls are expected to be humble and they would stay with them. I totally feel that’s some inferiority shit. Anyway, these guys assume there is less promiscuity among big earners and that may just be the silliest discovery of the year. And that also means that herpes would be on the pages of newspapers only and would not get to them. But how sincerely true is that?


It is great to believe certain things just to allow a smooth living but those beliefs are there like placebo. It does not change the reality or anything at all. All things stay same, amazingly! You just exist in your own world with your own thoughts and it may ease your burden but nothing truly moves an inch. In this part of the world, you may believe that a girl who does not wear make-up is a novice about social life and sex. *yawns. That if she were shown a photo of a penis, she would be frightened and ask for the heavens to forbid such a thing or probably call it a snake or a birth defect. But you would be shocked to know that such calm and less make-up-patronizing girls may just know so much to trigger another world flood.


Sometimes financially freedom does not always mean wildness. It may even cause the fellow to be more relaxed and contented and free to think clearly. The broke people are the ones who can do anything to live by the minute – the can give it in the bathroom of a restaurant. They can offer a quickie in a car, with a taxi man just to get enough to move from point A to B and that may endanger a lot. Herpes fly! They could live in anyone and these herpes-friendly folks are usually free givers.


To have a fun life, free of herpes, you would need to have a trusted partner.  That’s it. Forget financial status. A bad girl is a bad girl! It could be uneasy to tell who is good or not but ask for something more fundamental. But you can also find out what your partner admires and treasures. You may be shocked to know that they are easily moved, or the sight of such a thing as the line of a healthy penis in a trouser can cause them to go wet even in church. If you are with such a person who collects dicks indiscriminately, then you are in for some great trouble. You would be herpes-bound.  


You should also befriend protections. It sounds like a message coming from someone from the 18th century but the truth is, if the worse happens, you’d only get heartbroken and herpes may stay far. And since good booze can help a broken hearted brother, that is inexpensive. You do not want to harbor virus that can eat you to death. That’s scary, you know. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t date the broke sisters, but dating with the aim that they would be most well behaved and sexually naïve is just a silly joke. Date substance and discuss with your partner. And date some rich ladies too. But wear protections always!


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