Dealing with Beautiful and Sexy Women

Let’s keep it a buck on this one.   Most men are going to read this article because I put the words “beautiful” and “sexy” in the title.   Indeed the men following the dating coaches and buying their products are not doing so to win the heart of the plain girl who might actually adore them.   Men want the secrets to getting the beautiful and sexy women.    Before I really get into it allow me to define beautiful and sexy.   They are actually two different things. 

            A beautiful woman is someone with an aesthetically pleasing bone structure and body build seen as optimal to a wide variety of men.   Women like this are typically seen as winners in the genetic lottery.  As a result these women have many men who seek them out for all sorts of relationships.  

            A sexy woman may or may not have a universally pleasing bone structure and body build.   What typically makes a woman sexy is a combination of what she does have through genetics as well mannerisms and a clothing style that entices men to her in distinctly sexual manner.   A sexy woman knows how to wear that pushup bra, leggings, and heels.   

            Attractive women tend to either be beautiful or sexy.   A few rare ones may be both.   Whatever the case most men desire to get with these women using a variety of strategies.

            Many men approach these women with their wallets in their hand.   Many successful men see these women as trophies.   Can’t say I blame them as many beautiful and sexy women have played into this desire.   There are many acculturated prostitutes out there.   Only problem with this approach is the women who are receptive to this strategy tend to look for a man with even more money.

            Many men use indirect methods to get with women which includes blatant lying.   The lying usually includes giving a woman a false impression or pretending like they want to be in a long term relationship.  Some men don’t even try to get with these women as they feel they will get rejected.   So how does one deal with these women in an effective manner? 

            There are several considerations.   A big issue is that too many men put these women on pedestals.   Yes these women were blessed with nice lips and they fill out a short dress nicely but at the same time there are still human.   They still eat, sleep, and fart like every other woman.   They go through with their victories and challenges like everyone else.   A man stands out in the eyes of these women if he simply treats them like regular people.

            Another thing a man can do is see how everybody else is treating the woman and then do something different.   Many men act stupid when they encounter beautiful and sexy women.   This is more than taking their wallets out and lying to the women.   Many men get nervous and tongue tied.   Walking up and being able to have a normal conversation makes a man stand out to beautiful and sexy women.   There is one last major consideration.

            Many beautiful and sexy women are single and lonely.   Most men assume that these women have a roster of men at their beck and call.   Not really.   Most men are afraid to approach these women and the ones who are not afraid usually do counter-productive things like break out their wallets and play games.   Also many men feel like less attractive women are easier to deal with.   As a result of several misconceptions the beautiful and sexy women are often living lonely existences.   These women are very receptive to a man who shows a genuine interest in them.   Beautiful and sexy women can dealt with easily.

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