Happy FUCKING NEW YEARS BLACK MEN! Congratulations! You were lucky enough to avoid getting killed by the police, shot by Pookie or Ray Ray, or dying from Heart Disease due to an 80 percent Popeyes Chicken Diet. Surviving in 2017 will not be enough for you to do well. However, one thing that you must do: AVOID DATING SINGLE BLACK MOTHERS!  Black Men need to understand that Single Black Mothers are the most HIDEOUS and EGREGIOUS creatures in the Black Community. Unfortunately, Black Men continue to be rather stupid and thirsty with their pursuance of dysfunctional hood rat single mother women. Black Men continue to be baptized in the fuckery and evil that Black Single Mother’s create. The number one group of people who can destroy your plans in 2017 BESIDES YOUR SELF will be BLACK SINGLE MOTHERS!

Most of you black men are looking for some club to spend $50 bucks as an entry fee to get in to party. You are also looking for some dumb bitch to bend over regardless of what she looks like. How do I know this ?

Black Men tonight will be looking for the easiest piece of ass to reel in the New Year With. The most gorgeous and beautiful women will not be at some random club getting harassed by you niggas. However, Ghetto Black Single Mothers WILL BE at the clubs tonight waiting to get some Attention and some free drinks from you. While you are looking for some easy pussy tonight, Single Black Mothers are looking for a new step father for their bad ass satanic babies. Assuming you are lucky enough to score tonight, most single Black Mother’s are going to try their best to FUCK and SUCK your brains out. Why is that might you ask?



Single Black Mother’s know that if they can get ambitious Black men hooked on good sex, they can get him to do ANYTHING! You will totally forget that the bitch has 5 kids by 7 different niggas and lower back tattoos of 2 dudes from opposite gangs in Chicago! Basically, Single Black Mothers know that all they have to do for 80  percent of Black men is come to the table with GOOD PUSSY AND HEAD! However, do NOT Get involved! Single Black Mother’s have too much drama, Baby Daddy Issues, and have FINANCIAL PROBLEMS! None of these issues are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY BLACK MEN! There are many women out here who don’t have ANY CHILDREN! The best way to fuck your life up is to get with ANY WOMAN (ESPECIALLY BLACK) who has FUCKING KIDS! Take heed to my advice black men (especially if you are Younger). Avoid ALL BLACK SINGLE MOTHERS! They have already ruined their lives. If you FUCK with them, your life will be destroyed NEXT! Look at the downfall of the Black Community. Who destroyed it with their liberal ideas and bad mating choices? BLACK WOMEN! Happy New Year Brothers!


The Buffoonery is at AN ALL TIME HIGH!

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