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I have been personally living in Europe closing in on 18 months. Before coming to Europe, I had NEVER been outside of the United States of America. Just like you, I figured that the ability to be successful for Black men ONLY existed within the confines of the United States Borders. I found out that I was SO FUCKING WRONG! The world provides MANY opportunities for the African American man as long as he is willing to take the risk. I know black men in Russia, China, Malaysia, and Mexico. All of these Black Men are considered WEALTHY or UPPER CLASS in the countries that they preside. The reason why these black men are doing EXCEPTIONALLY WELL is that they can see the opportunities to evolve that you do NOT! You must stop being brainwashed and afraid to take risks that could change your life for the better FOREVER!

In continuance to the first paragraph, I must state that people will dissuade you for wanting to come abroad. You will have family members or stupid ass friends who have never achieved anything in life TRYING to tell you how things will be if you decide to visit OR relocate. Such people are stupid and possess an lack of intelligence. Many Black men ponder about what life may be like outside the Feminist Shit Hole known as the United States. You must understand that Men’s Rights as it pertains for Black men will NOT BE IMPROVING anytime SOON.  Black men must be serious about searching for other options in better environments that suit their evolution as it pertains to masculinity and respect from society!

Brothers need to understand that there are so many beautiful things that life has to offer you. Other people from other cultures migrate to the United States without the luxury of being able to speak English and survive. As an American, you will always have the ability to go back and live in the United States if push came to shove. Explore your possibilities by visiting a few places. Save up your money and methodically look for other opportunities. Network with other brothers on Youtube who live abroad and ask questions. Find out what the opportunities are in other places and take advantage. Many brothers are teaching English abroad and finding love, companionship, and the experiences of tackling a new culture. You must remember that you only live once! Take advantage of all experiences before you leave this Earth.

In closing, I will write another article in specificity in explaining how you can survive overseas. I will give you Black Men tips so that you can understand what you can do to become more successful in this endeavor. For more questions concerning overseas living, email me: I will be sure to respond back to you!




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