Declaration of a new Social Media platform for Black Men to Share, Learn, and Earn (Part 1)

BELCHATOW POLAND - MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.


    Youtubers have recently become aware of the video monetization debacle coupled with the malicious sabotage of African American Men, Hebrew Israelite Men, MGTOW and others video channels on YouTube, whose dissenting voices oppose the four-decade old narrative, that African American Women and others hold an unshakable power over their families, communities, relationships, employment and education opportunities even above men in many instances, opposition to such destructive practices which has clearly destroyed families and children’s lives beyond measure must end, has rattled the foundations of these ultra-hard core feminist. As this relate to African American men, the mere idea of moving the spotlight off African American men short comings, while instead, sharing the spotlight equally onto African American women and their existential short comings, unsettles many of these proclaimed and un-proclaimed feminists to their very selfish narcissistic souls.

     The fallout of this short sited poorly planned disaster has created something that the organizers of this cowardly mendacious act clearly did not calculate, and that is, the reprisal of a created enemy to whom you cannot defeat.
Sun Tzu “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
African American women often boast about their strength, degrees, jobs, and of being the backbone of the black community, scrutiny however dislodges this premise based upon observable evidence. What is clearly observable throughout the black community is the decimation of the backbone or lack thereof, and because African American non-married women whom chose to copulate with multiple men having children by multiple men, have questionably parented most of the male children over the pass forty years thus shaping their mental and emotional construct, expect them to behave and respond to adversity like women rather than men.


     That expectation was their fatal flaw, the fact that a great percentage of young men from single parent households, were raised or influenced by men other than their fathers, helped them escape the effeminate socialization trap. Don Corleone once said, women and children can afford to be careless, men cannot, the fallout from this selfishly destructive act galvanized African American Men in the twinkle of an eye. And no one expected tens of thousands of African American Men who enjoy and look forward to tuning in to their favorite personalities on YouTube would tune in to their favorite show only to learn that a group of vindictively vile cowards sabotaged their favorite channels, and that such behavior would be tolerated. (Nyet) No Way
Another fatal miscalculation to say the least, but what have we as African American Men learned from this malicious yet viperous act, each man must assess this credulous act through his own thoughts and reflections.


     How would Steve Jobs respond to this act? Based upon his intelligence, foresight, and ability to stand up to staunch adversity, here is what Steve Jobs would have done ruthlessly un-apologetically, to achieve interdependent success from corporate obstacles.
• Analyze the competition thoroughly and completely from every angle possible
• Look for every weak spot and improvable feature the adversary cannot see or have addressed
• Draw up a new model that improves upon the weak points and exceed the best features with more features that eclipse the adversary’s model and vision
• Refine the new model with talented programmers and engineers capable of building the new vision
• Cost out all capital expenditures necessary to initiate the product production, and labor cost, then double the project cost to insure the success of the product
• Assemble a team of highly effective marketers to get the word out about the innovative paradigm shift the product will create once introduced into the market place
• Protect the IP (Intellectual Property) of the product/service via patents and trademarks etc.,
• Now launch the product globally while eviscerating the competition, or at least uniquely equaling the competitions impact in the market place, then continue to improve the product and innovate non-stop

     What I am suggesting here is simple, that we the African American Manosphere get to work building our own Platform that exceeds YouTube by light years, are we capable of this?
Did George Washington Carver change American Agriculture by introducing crop rotation including hundreds of inventions that directly contributed to Americas industrial revolution?
Did Lewis Howard Latimer invent the carbon filament which enabled the light bulb to work?
Did Granville T. Woods inventions range from the electrified third rail common to most subway systems worldwide with over 12 devices which modernized the railroad to an advanced telephone transmitter. In fact, Woods’ “advanced telephone transmitter” was so advanced that Alexander Graham Bell’s company purchased the rights to it from Woods both because it was superior and scalable.
   I needn’t go on regarding our greatness and potential as intelligent men, the declaration of a new platform owned and controlled by African American Men is long overdue and must be initiated now while the momentum for change is in the air. How do we do it?

Step one: Totally analyze YouTube features and functions then document its architecture, look for weak spots and flaws as well as unfulfilled potentials

Step Two: Draw up an entirely new model adding to this model all of the improvements, new strength features and functions, new revenue sources that eclipse YouTube by light years as well as unfulfilled potentials with a sprinkling of innovation (IP) Intellectual Property and Trademarks…


Step Three: Refine the model designs utilizing the most talent skilled software engineers, graphic artist designers and web designers who are capable of building the vision which is conceived for the ultimate platform incorporating the best of several popular platforms uniquely designed into one platform


Step Four: cost out all capital expenditures necessary to initiate the product production, and labor cost, then double the project cost to insure the success of the product


Step Five: Assemble a team of highly effective marketers to get the word out about the innovative paradigm shift the product will create in the market place using social media, (SEO), (SMO), as well as paper and print off line marketing strategies including the press.


Step Six: Launch the product globally

African American Men are at a cross roads in this world to date, our world has changed utterly, and we must change utterly in our thoughts and actions, no one can uplift us from the muck and mire of many of our current conditions, complaining never brings change, only action can to resolve the problems can.


Today we are resolved to initiate permanent change, change that empowers us to do for self, not look to someone else to offer us what we can do collectively with boldness, courage, fearlessness, intelligence, intellect, work, commitment, integrity, vision, purpose, power, collectiveness, ingenuity, capital, support of each other no matter what, serendipity, synchronicity, spiritual inner vision, Technical Knowledge, and sublime providence.


We are here to make what is destructive constructive, and that which makes the world vile, transformed into a world that smiles, and to witness African American Men whom have chosen to come together to create a platform that could literally employ directly and indirectly millions of black men, would surely bear witness to this world what we are capable of when we collectivize our resources and brain power to free ourselves from a world that has written us off. If you are ready to participate in this ambitious project, send us an email at and we will respond quickly.

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