Dedication – Your Guide to Bodybuilding

Here it is gentlemen, the article you’ve all been waiting for. We decided to roll up the sleeves and get to work writing one of the important articles that a Manosphere such as this one can and should contain. Now, there’s one hard fact that we went over and over again here at Negromanosphere. One strong and stubborn pillar that supports the successful man’s world. Lifting. We all agreed many times over that lifting heavy iron and rigorous physical discipline are the cornerstones of success in a man’s life. I strongly doubt that there are still readers of this manosphere that are not active in their local gyms or at home. IF you are one of the rare ones who still sobs over his overhanging beer gut and un-inspiring dad-bod, then you need to finish reading this article, pack a gym bag, and go bust yo ass!
With that out of the way, let’s continue. Today we’re talking all things related to the iron temple. Most of weightlifting can be considered as bodybuilding, maybe on a less serious note, but that’s how we will term it. So here it goes – your tips and guides to bodybuilding. Enjoy the privilege of men – get ripped.

The Sculptor and the Marble
In this case, the old proverb we all know, comes in handy to put things into summary – No pain, no gain. Bodybuilding is all about effort, dedication and giving your maximum. Ask yourself right this instant – are you ready to put all your efforts into the gym? Are you prepared to pursue this FULLY? Because that’s the only way you can see great results. We always see people in the gyms who come in once or twice a week and give in a mediocre workout. Needless to say they can see no visible results and are basically going in circles. Bodybuilding requires discipline. Rain or snow, sad or happy, you need to be there four or five times a week, giving it your best shot. When you get sore, you still go. No excuses.
Because you are the sculptor and the marble. We need to go through the hard effort, the sweat and the strain, in order to become what we envision.

Reaching the Heights
What you want to do is split your week days into muscle groups. Overtraining a certain muscle group will not give it enough time to recover and grow, and will minimize your results. That’s why the week is separated into groups, giving all muscles a workout while the others are “resting”. So for an example, your week could look like this: Mondays are for back and biceps, Tuesdays for chest and shoulders, Wednesdays are off, Thursdays are for triceps and Friday is leg day. And of course, abs throughout the week. This is just one example of a gym week, but you can be flexible with it and mix it up to your liking.
Some of the crucial aspects of successful lifting are proper form and execution, good and balanced diet (highly important) and heavy goddamn weights. People in the gyms are very friendly and helpful in 90% of the cases, so never hesitate to ask around, getting tips for certain exercises and proper form. You might also create new acquaintances and friendships.
Get in tune with your body. If you need to cut, then cut while still lifting heavy. If you want to bulk though, do it CLEAN. Don’t eat junk, sweets or sodas. Don’t be scared to lift heavier than you can, even if you do just a few reps. Remember that strain and resistance are what creates the muscle. One of the great tips for bodybuilders, from the legendary Schwarzenegger himself, is to start with the heaviest weight first, doing just a few reps (until failure), then lowering the weights step by step. Try it next bicep day and you’ll see the difference it makes.

Positive mindset is just a step away. It is connected to everything that is bodybuilding. Through the effort you will emerge looking healthier, better and sexier. And with this your confidence rises, your sense of achievement, your happiness. It comes naturally. But there will be no results with mediocre efforts, missed training days and bad diet. What is needed is rock hard discipline, un-negotiable dedication and will. You must be prepared to get in there and lift to your limit. They say that the best workout is when your last set is the opening of the locker. Hard work yields results. The first principle of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is a great hobby. It’s a healthy hobby. And it’s a man’s hobby. It takes just an hour or two of your day. But the feeling is amazing. Getting that pump, the great workout, and the great result in the mirror, are the priceless rewards of weightlifting. It doesn’t take a lot to eat cleaner either. You know that the junk is bad for you. So it shouldn’t be too hard to leave it for good. You’ll be glad you did it. Get to the gym and rip that shit apart. That’s a man’s privilege!

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