Develop a Laser Focus

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a post that said something profound.   This brotha who is making his climb to be a millionaire shared some knowledge he was told by men who are already millionaires.   See this particular brotha loves the ladies.  He loves them so much that he shares his time among several at the same time.    These millionaires told him that if he wants to be a millionaire he needs to focus on no more than two women.   Indeed for the most part these millionaires were focused on their wives and no other women.   I agree with their advice.

It’s very hard for a man to make an extraordinary amount of money and deal with a group of women.   It’s not impossible but it is very difficult.   Let me tell you why I say this.

I don’t care how much of a Mr. Goodbar, a Mack, Player, or Alpha Male you are as a man.   If you dealing with multiple women you may not have to go on a lot of dates with them.   You may not have to spend money on them.  You will, however, have to give them some attention and if you have multiple women you have to have sex with them.     If you are going to give the women a great experience you’re going to have to spend some time with them.  This is the case even if the relationship is purely sexual.   The key word is time.

Wealthy people value their time.   That’s why in magazines read by the rich one of the major advertisements is for watches.    A man can’t put much time into making money if he is focused on chasing women.   A man who wants to make money has to develop a laser focus in order to actually make money.

This isn’t to say don’t deal with women.   The key here is to deal with women who will be an asset and not a liability.   Women by nature want a man’s attention focused on them.   It’s hard for a man to focus on making money if the woman is constantly being a distraction.   A man needs to be focused on the prize and only deal with a woman who will help him get to that prize.   That’s just one area.   There are other distractions.

There are many men who are not distracted by women for whatever reason.   They are still distracted by things like TV programs, video games, and sports.   There are many men who spend much of their free time playing video games.  They are playing them to the point where all they do is work and play games.   These same men will likely live mediocre lives.   A man trying to really do something with his life can’t spend a lot of time in front of the TV whether playing games or watching the latest reality show.    This also applies to sports.

Now I’m a big fan of sports.   I limit my watching of sports to my favorite teams.   There are many men who will watch every game on TV and watch the numerous sports talk shows.   Nothing wrong with that if the man is satisfied with an ordinary life.   The man trying to become a millionaire has to do better.   He doesn’t have time to watch someone else make money.

The man who wants to become wealthy needs to first have an idea of what he wants to do with his life.  He needs to determine his purpose.   Once he decides on his purpose he needs to pursue that purpose.   He can’t let women, entertainment, or even people in his circle distract him.   His must have a laser focus on his objective.

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