The difference between being insecure and being territorial

I’ve stated in the past that women cheat in the margins. That is, they cheat during times and situations you would never suspect. Girls don’t make it obvious anymore because they’re professional cheaters. They no longer give you obvious bullshit stories like “I’m working late” or “I’m spending the night at my friend’s house.”

Women have graduated to much more devious, diabolical tactics like taking pictures with her friends at a location they want their boyfriends and husbands to think they are while getting ass fucked by Tyrone who works in the shipping department. One of my ex girlfriends told me she got a part in a play as as excuse to disappear for a couple of hours 3 nights a week as explained in the episode below:

She was able to create the margin with which to cheat to give herself room to pull it off and most of the time women create these margins in the beginning of a relationship when we’re most susceptible to being deceived as a natural bi-product of being in the “honeymoon” phase.

Another technique women use to create margins for infidelity is by attempting to shame you into trusting her in situations that could lead to cheating by accusing you of being jealous, insecure, controlling, or all 3. When she’s getting texts at all hours of the night and you ask her who it is and she responds with “Oh that’s just my sister” your instincts kick in and tell you she’s lying and when you confront her on it we’ve all heard this:

“You’re so insecure! You’re so controlling! You don’t trust me?”

As I stated above, this statement is little more than a shaming tactic designed to make you feel small for acting on or voicing what your masculine hard drive is telling you. A lot of girls couldn’t give less of a shit whether or not you trust her. What they’re concerned with is preventing you from attempting to stop her potentially adulterous behavior.

By the same token, there are plenty of girls who do care about your trust level with them but because feminism has told them that what she does in her free time is none of our business, she mischaracterizes our inquiries into her suspicious behavior as “insecure” or “jealous.” To be fair, there is some truth to this but only if a man is dealing with a woman who’s cheated on him before. His first mistake was taking her back in the first place but everything else she does, no matter how benign, will cause his alarm bells to go off. At that point his behavior is insecurity.

But a lot of men are lost in terms of how to keep a woman in line and away from bad behaviors without coming off as a jealous, insecure boyfriend and just about every single one of those guys resolve themselves to the fact that there’s nothing they can do about it. After all, no guy wants to be put in the jealous category by any female.

A man’s instincts let him know something isn’t right…don’t ignore them.

So what’s the proper response to an accusation of jealousy or insecurity? What’s a man to say when his girl says “You’re being insecure!” when it’s obvious that she’s engaging in behavior that will ultimately taking another man’s cock?

The answer is simple. When a girl hits you with “Are you the jealous type?!” simply reply:

“I’m territorial.” And leave it at that.

Now you’re probably thinking “Okay Donovan, that sounds clever and all but what does it mean? What’s the difference between being insecure and being territorial?”

I’m glad you asked…

The difference between insecurity and being territorial

There’s one key difference between insecurity and territorialism:

Being insecure is reactive. Being territorial is proactive.

What’s the definition of being insecure?

Being insecure is directly or indirectly allowing a situation conducive to infidelity to occur and then reacting adversely to said situation.

Example of being insecure: You take your girl to a bar and a few minutes in, you go to take a piss. When you get back, your girl is being chatted up by another man. You walk over, throw your arm around your girl and tell the dude that you’re her boyfriend. He leaves but then you turn to your girl and say “What the fuck did he want? Didn’t you tell him you had a boyfriend?”

No matter what her response is, that entire situation makes you look weak and women despise men who are weak. You were being jealous and insecure and what little attraction your girl had for you before, she’s definitely lost it now.

What’s the definition of being territorial?

Being territorial is not allowing a situation conducive to infidelity to occur in the first place.

The fuck you bringing her here in the first place?

Example of being territorial: You never allow her to be at a bar alone in the first place. That’s the very essence of being territorial.  There’s nothing to react to because you never allow her to be in that situation to begin with. Any man who takes his girl to a bar or a club is begging for trouble…especially if she’s attractive. If you’re with an attractive woman, it’s a mathematical inevitability that a nigga’s gonna holler…as he should.

But if you’re stupid enough to put your girl on a meat market otherwise known as a bar or a club or any other place that men and women meet up to hook up, that’s on you. A territorial male never allows his woman to set foot in any of these places, with or without him.

A couple more examples

#1: Your woman’s job has a company picnic

Insecure: You find out she sat next t0 Tyrone from shipping and that she “had a great time talking to him!” and you starting in on her about Tyrone and what may or may not being going on between them

Territorial: Your woman tells you about the company picnic and says that she won’t go without you because you’ve trained her properly, thus, avoiding any situations with Tyrone or anyone else before they happen.

#2: You find out your woman’s been texting with her ex

Insecure: Throw a fit, question her on what they’re talking about and why, then tell her you don’t want her texting him anymore

Territorial: Your woman wouldn’t text her ex in the first place because you established early on that a requirement of being your girl means she doesn’t talk to, text, or contact other men on social media for any reason without your permission. You’ve also established that you make the final decision what what does or does not constitute as a reason to call or text other man (spoiler alert: she also knows that 99.9% of the time you’re not going to allow it and she’s perfect okay with it).

In the end…

…women love being a man’s possession. Regardless of what they say on social media, females want nothing more than to surrender to a man. But they won’t allow themselves to be taken possession of by a man they don’t deem fit. If you haven’t shown the ability to bring out her best, hold her accountable, and keep her in line from the jump (read: brother pill game) she won’t allow herself to be taken off the market. A man simply cannot be territorial over a something that doesn’t belong to him.

Getting fit, stacking your paper, and learning how to handle women will give you more options than you ever thought possible. More importantly, when you do make your selection, that female is ready to belong to you. Then, and only then, can you claim her as your property and become the territorial male you’re designed to be.

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