Dignity In The Trash Can

The moral decadence in our society has skyrocketed in recent times, especially in Nigeria. People no longer care about anything but money. Everyone is after the bag, no matter what it will cost. That’s why our society is filled with too much wickedness. There is no respect for lives and properties. We now live in a lawless society because everyone wants to belong. We all want to fit in. It is sad. It is a pathetic situation.

People go into drugs, especially the so-called artistes and celebrities. The moment they take drugs, they will go into the studio or come on stage and start singing rubbish, not caring what anyone thinks about them or their songs. They use vulgar languages without restrictions. They dress anyhow and act anyhow. They make videos showing backs, buttocks and boobs. The videos are little different from pornography. That is the order of the day and we are all comfortable with it.

The advent of internet fraudsters (Yahoo-Yahoo) has made things worse. They have stripped dignity off women in our society and reduced women to nothing. They buy women with their illegal money and do whatever they like with them. They fuck them anyhow. Pump them anyhow. Pipe them anyhow. Drill them anyhow. And treat them anyhow. The women have no choice but to subject themselves to any treatment, because they want money too.

In the past when there was sanity, men respected women. They don’t talk to women anyhow. They treated them like queens and angels. They don’t treat women in a degrading manner. But women of these days have lost their value. They have thrown their dignity in the waste basket. They have sold their respect for a piece of bread. They are ready to do anything to make money. And so, they get used by these guys who make money illegally.

These internet fraudsters treat these girls anyhow the moment they give them money and buy for them what their parents can’t afford. There is too much poverty in the land. These girls themselves are used to the free money and are not even ready to work to make legitimate money. They prefer to be coded oloshos (disguised prostitutes). There are those who don’t even pretend about it anymore. They have taken it as a full-time job.

Disguised prostitutes in every corner of the country. The Yahoo guys will be spending money on them and the daughters of Zion will be calling them boo and posting them on social media. Internet fraudsters won’t even let you trust your girlfriend anymore. Your girlfriend may love you but the moment an internet fraudster is giving her what you can’t afford, she won’t know when she will open her legs for the guy to start mining. Sad.

The thing about illegitimate money is that it is very easy to spend. These fraudsters are ready to lavish it anyhow on girls. They know that if they spend it extravagantly, they will still get another one back in no time. Anyone who makes money legitimately will be thinking of business expansion and other investments, not about how to spend it on girls who will just open their laps, close it again and go away with huge money.

An internet fraudster who has $1000 in his bank account is ready to spend $800 on a lady just to drill her. He knows he will make another money from scamming people in few hours. It is these internet fraudsters who made prostitution costly. You would have agreed on $10 with a lady, one internet fraudster will just come from nowhere and offer her $60. Then the lady will start thinking she’s worth $60 and she will increase her price next time.

Internet fraudsters, politicians and money launderers have influenced the price of things negatively in the market. They are part of the reasons why prices of things are high in the market. There are people who are even praying that fraudsters should continue to thrive, because the fraudsters are patronizing their business and brands. This just shows how low our society has descended. It’s all about money, no values. We are all fucked!

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