Does your girl have ho tendencies?

One of the most common questions is “is she cheating on me?” To which I ask “Does she have ho tendencies?”

Now I want you to keep in mind that ho tendencies are a little different from slut tells. Slut tells are things you observe in a woman that verifies that she’s a bona fide slut…..tattoos, piercings, green hair etc.

But ho tendencies are loosely defined as habits a girl has that she can’t let go of when she gets into a relationship. In other words. She acts like she’s still single even though she’s got a boyfriend. The car’s been sold but it’s driving around town with a for sale sign on it with the phone number in case somebody calls offering a higher price than the current owner….hypergamy personified….you get the point.

So how do you know if your girl has ho tendencies? I’m glad you asked.

#1 – She draws attention to herself when she’s with you in public

I went on vacation in Hawaii back in 2016 with the women who would eventually be my girlfriend. We were at breakfast one morning and all of a sudden she starts getting loud and animated. I look behind me and saw a dude who looked like Thor. That’s right guys, Devon was displaying ho tendencies.

I shut that shit down by telling her that if she wanted to fuck him, all she had to do was tell him and I’m sure he wouldn’t turn her down. I said it loud enough for them both to hear. I didn’t see his reaction but she turned a brilliant shade of magenta and quieted down for the rest of breakfast.

If you’re out with your girl and she suddenly starts talking loudly, or starts to become animated, she’s trying to draw attention to herself which is a bona fide ho tendency.

When women are around attractive men they subconsciously draw attention to themselves to get their attention. Now this isn’t a ho tendency because men and women alike are going to do things to get the attention of attractive people of the opposite sex. It’s human nature.

But if your girl is trying to get a man’s attention around you even though she knows she’s in a relationship with you, what do you think she’s doing when you’re not around?

#2 – She shows cleavage when she’s not around you

In the same vein as the attention whoring, women who show cleavage when they’re not with their boyfriends or husbands are definitely hoes. Women with wedding rings who are showing cleavage  are easy marks. I’ve fucked countless wives and most of them show skin 24/7 with or without their husbands around.

It’s okay for your girl to look good for you. When I take Devon out, she wears short dresses, slutty heels, and her huge tits are always on full display. But when she goes to work, it’s plane Jane attire as she wears t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Devon’s in full slut mode when we go out

Understand this gentlemen…a woman takes herself off the market….NOT HER MAN. If she’s really happy, then she eliminates any and all situations that could lead to getting attention from Men like dressing up and going places without you, entertaining conversations with Men and so forth.

So if your woman is dressed to the 9s when she rolls with her girls for girls night out, and/or she wears dresses, heels, and shows cleavage when she goes to work, she’s got ho tendencies.

#3 – She doesn’t post pictures of you on social media

Ever been perusing Facebook and see a good looking girl? You see all kinds of booty pics, cleavage pics, etc. Then you go to her relationship status and it’s hidden or it says “ask” or “it’s complicated.” You’ve got yourself a ho, gentlemen.

When a woman is in a relationship with a Man she loves they tell the world. Every picture is of her and him doing whatever, whenever. Women love for people to see that she’s been chosen by a Man. when she is proud of her boyfriend she makes sure everybody knows it and they do this via social media.

But if you look at your girl’s page and see that pictures of you are noticeably absent, she’s still on the market.

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