She doesn’t love WHO you are, she loves WHAT you are

A lot of men are confused when their women cheat on them. They wonder aloud and to their friends “How could she do this to me? I thought she loved me!”

What should have happened right then and there was him saying to himself “Ahhh, I got out of shape, stopped keeping her in line, and I gave into her emotional shenanigans.” But since most men don’t have brother pill/red pill awareness, he blames her thinking “She was just a slut. Fuck her. All women are hoes.”

While he may be half right, he might be missing the other half of the equation which is he may not have been the same person he was when they first got together. Yes, a lot of women will cheat on their men for little to no reason at all. Regardless of how tight your game is, some girls can’t be tamed into submission no matter how much you know about their nature. If a woman gets fucked by enough cocks, eventually she’ll lose the ability to pair bond with a male meaning she’ll take another man’s cock at some point down the line. It’s who she is.

“I thought she loved me”

By the same token it would behoove a man to keep his game tight and understand that even if his woman loves him, she still can’t be trusted to her own devices. Men also need to understand that women don’t love men for who they are, they love men for what they are.

“I want her to love me for me” is a foolish mindset that men have when looking for a woman to have a relationship with. “Just being yourself” isn’t gonna cut it these days. It’s sad but it’s true. Women have too many opportunities to step out on you with someone with higher status, better finances, who’s in better shape, with a bigger cock, and better looking.

Obviously that’s not the case all the time but the fact of the matter is that if a woman finds another man she feels is better than you in ways that arouse her, she’ll jump ship in a New York minute. But you also have to remember she got with you for a reason(s) and the minute you cease to be the things that attracted her to you in the first place is the minute she starts looking elsewhere.

I talked about a few reasons your girl might step out on you in the episode below a few months back:

So why don’t women love men for who they are?

Women love differently than men. A man’s love is based on 2 basic principles: Physical attraction and sexual loyalty. If a woman remains attractive and sexually loyal over a prolonged period of time, a man will eventually fall in love with that woman.

Those 2 traits are built in to women. They don’t have to work at it or proactively try to stay attractive, they simply have to refrain from certain activities.  In order to be the kind of woman men fall in love with all they have to do is not eat junk and not sleep around. Therefore, if a woman shows temperance in those two areas a man loves her for who she is.

A woman’s love is predicated on 3 basic principles: Physical attraction, the ability to physically protect her, and his financial status. The difference here is that men have to be proactive to become the kind of man women will fall in love with.

These traits are not built into men. We can’t just sit back wait to become men. We have to workout to build up our bodies, we have to learn to fight to protect ourselves and our women, and we have to learn how to effectively make and save money to achieve financial solvency.

However, if a man doesn’t proactively maintain his physical edge, his fighting skill, or his finances, he is no longer the same man and that’s where men go wrong with their women.

In episode 10 of my podcast, I talked about my terrible marriage to my ex wife:

Yes, she was a bad wife but I’m man enough to admit that I wasn’t much of a man to begin with.  Men are made, and women are born. That’s the main difference between a man’s love and a woman’s love.

Don’t allow her to change you

The minute you become exclusive with a woman she does her level best to “civilize” you. In other words, she tries to make changes in you to suit what she believes are her needs. The problem is, women inadvertently sabotage their relationships with men if they’re successful in their endeavors. They don’t really want you to change but they don’t know that they don’t want you to change. What they really want is a man who sticks to his guns because of his convictions. If he bends to her will she’ll know he was never really the man she fell in love with to begin with.

Illimitable Man sums this doctrine up perfectly in his recent post Dominance and Submission:

The man must act upon and mould a woman more than she does him, for if the woman is to act upon and mould the man, she will create something she finds abhorrent. More simply and explicitly stated, a woman will mould a man into someone she despises, but a man will mould a woman into someone he loves.

-Excerpt from Dominance and Submission, by Illimitable Man

Men create women they love, women create men they grow to despise and ultimately hate. Don’t submit to her whims…ever.

A simple example

Let’s say you meet a woman and you hit it off. You’re in great shape, you have a great job with a 6-figure salary, and you’re kicking life’s ass. Not to mention that you have brother pill/red pill awareness and know how to keep her ass in line.

Let’s say you lose your job so your income’s gone, you get fat and out of shape, and you’ve stopped checking your woman and correcting her bad behavior. Your woman will not love you because you have stopped being what you were when she met you.

Girls would love to think they would love a man “no matter what” and “through thick and thin” but they don’t. This isn’t to say this is a bad thing because if a woman we loved were to get fat, bitchy, and start cheating, we’d stop loving her too.

The point is that no matter what women say, they will only love you if you keep your high status, your income, your physique etc.


One might think women are bad for falling out of love with a man who’s let himself go but that is far from the truth.  Knowing that a woman’s love for you is conditional is what helps you keep your edge. Too many men fall into the trap of thinking their women would never fall out of love with them. They actually believe the wedding vows as she tearfully recites them while looking into their eyes. They’re completely convinced that she’ll love him “For richer or poorer” as well as “In sickness and in health.”

A woman’s love is as conditional as your performance is on your job. Slip up in either one, and you’ll find yourself unemployed and back on the dating market.



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