Don’t be a Fool – Have Some Standards

Men today need a helping hand. A lot of the global youth, both male and female, are pretty much like sheep. Even worse – sheep lost in the fog. Everyone without values, without a direction and a meaning in life, needs a nudge in the right direction. You could even say that this nudge is a new chance – a last call to abandon the sinking ship that is the 21st century global mentality.
But what is at the root of this sinking ship – what is its hole? To successfully undermine a thriving society, to shake the foundations of something successful, you need to attack its driving force – its future. And the future of every decent society are the men and women – the families.
So today, as always here on Negromanosphere, we delve deep into the problem of thots, incels, the death of families, and all the other modern inventions that will slowly lead us all into a very dark place.
And who know, maybe it’s finally time for a change?

Do You Respect Yourself?
Like every other normal guy, you too can feel the juice flowing up to your brain, urging you forward to chat up and game that thot over there. You go for it bruddah. But after the night is through, you might catch yourself thinking about the future of things, the goals and missions you have in life. The goals that YOU MUST have, as a successful  and self respecting man. Then you need to ask yourself, and put thing on paper – black on white – no reservations. Do successful and self respecting men drift around from thot to thot, wasting their hard earned money, their valuable time and potential on some washed up empty headed thot with no goals in life? You can do it once, twice, three time even, but in the end you will get caught up in it, in that decadent lifestyle, and eventually achieve NOTHING, and lose precious time and money that could have been used more importantly.
It is then that you will realize – provided you have been on the upward trajectory of every man with success in his mind – that it is time to have some standards. The only way to change things around is to not participate in the things you actually want to change.
Promiscuity, loss of morals, drunkenness – you get the picture – are not the aspects of success. They lead to no valuable place. And realizing it is the first step towards a life paved with success, wealth and respect. It is a stepping stone towards the much needed change.  

It Ain’t Worth It
The cornerstone of masculinity and power is self-respect. To always achieve the best, to always have the finest, to fight for the purest. Now ask yourself – do you go for the easily grasped and used up by many before you? Or you fight hard to find something purer, something worthier and more rewarding? Only you have the power to answer that question, and answer it honestly.
Having standards also means that you won’t allow anyone to walk over you. Going against the grain and standing firmly by your beliefs was always a primary masculine trait. And today, all of you need to fight to keep it like that.
For certain right-minded men, men of stature and with clearly defined goals in life, certain things come as a big NO. One of those things is directly related to women. For a man such as this to waste himself on a washed out thot is beyond ridiculous.
The time is now, to ask yourself some deeper questions and start putting things in the order of importance and influence. Remember that good, worthy, powerful and long lasting things that will set you one step above others, are only attained through hard work, hard times and important sacrifices.  No more indulgences!

Now, to all our readers who think we’re preachin’ some impossible mission of living like a saint – we ain’t. We’re just trying to diminish the importance that the society puts on all the tinder thots out there as it is simply wrong, immoral and puts the society and men in a very wrong position. We really hope that our readers can realize this on their own, and appreciate the message we are trying to convey. Simply put, don’t stick yer dinger in just anything. Any woman that wants YOU, needs to DESERVE and EARN you. Remember lads, one of our oldest sayings – YOU are the prize. And prizes are not given out so easily.
What are your opinions on this? Should men just go around wasting themselves on any other thot that comes slithering forward? Should men settle for used and over-used goods? Write in the comments below and let us know what you think.
Until the next time – keep  conquering!

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