Don’t Fall For It – Think Ahead

Often enough, our life can be like a minefield. When you think about it for a while, you realize that life is nothing but a binary choice – everything comes down to yes or no. Everything. From relationships, to business, to finance and every other aspect of our life, it’s still the same – yes or no. And more than often, a simple decision is all that separates us from a cardinal mistake, something that we might come to regret later on in life. But still, we make our choices, to whatever end. But sometimes it’s useful to think far ahead, to dissect the options and realize the potential weight of our actions, and to look a bit deeper at all those we meet along the way.
Being always on your guard is a handy trait to possess, and it leaves little room for mistakes. So read on, as we discuss how all of this applies to the game, the women, the business. Binary choices never held more weight!

Dig Deep
In today’s largely skewed “dating” scene, first impressions are almost always just the tip of the iceberg, and distrust is a common thing in every social interaction. Falling for the “special”, or “good girl” myths can leave you looking hella stupid, and disappointed to boot. And the thing to help you? Experience. You need to know what’s the situation like out there, what the persons are like. You need to know how to read through the lines and fire back with the same force. But to gain that experience, you’ll need to get out there and try. Most like, you’ll fail the first time, and the second, too. But you’ll keep trying and in time you will get the hang of it. Experience is the mother of success, and it will reflect on every part of your social life, be it dating or business or family.

Think Ahead
Knowing the rules of the game, and we wrote about them her on Negromanosphere, well, for a long time, will always keep you one step ahead in the great scheme of things. The hypergamy, the shit tests, the social market value, the looks and the confidence, we covered them all before, and you’d do good do stick by those rules at all times. Don’t guide yourself with that cheeky thought that not everyone is the same, when you know well enough that everything runs along the same rail.
This is exactly why all rational and self respecting men will not rely on trust itself. It does sound stupid to be so suspicious, but it can only work in your favor. Today, it is all a world of high social market value (SMV defined), and persons, relationships and every other social interaction can sadly become mechanical, and forced, always revolving around selection.
Falling for the same mistakes over and over again can be nothing short of stupid.

Next time you get in the clinch with a new girl, a new business partner or anything similar, try to think in advance what you’re dealing with and what lies ahead. Even if the initial impression is one, the truth can be totally different. Put your self first, your own goals and ideals, your motivations and strengths. Remember that this is about you, and if you show no respect for you and your achievements, neither will those around you.
Do you have wishes, ideas or suggestions for our past and future articles? Anything you’d like to say or see covered? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll get on it. And, as always, until the next time – keep conquering!

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