Don’t Just Pay Bills, You Must Shag Her

In most African countries, women are always more lucky than men because they are always at the receiving end. Men, on the other hand, are always at the giving end. Almost every time, men are bombarded with financial responsibilities. You meet a new girl, you talk to her that you’d love to date her. The moment you have her phone number, you have started spending. You have to call her from time to time. Most times, you will graduate from just calling her to buying her gifts to make her happy. Gradually, you are getting entangled in a myriad of financial responsibilities.


Majority of African women have come to believe that it is the sole responsibility of men to take care of their financial burdens. It doesn’t matter whether they are working and getting paid. They just want the men to buy almost everything for them. It is not an overstatement to say it is a woman’s world. Women have come into this world to enjoy and be pampered. Even with all the advantages they have, they still believe they deserve more from men. They still believe we men should do more. They believe we haven’t done enough.


The truth is, when a man is in a relationship with a woman, the man stands a chance to lose more. It is the men who always lose in the relationship at the end. The women always gain. They always benefit. The men are always the one who will do the chasing. You will chase her. A lot of times, you have to go through a lot to get her to accept. And when she accepts to date you, you will be the one doing the most calling. If you date a girl for thirty days and you don’t even buy her anything, you still lose, because within that thirty days, you must be doing the phone calling and texting.


A woman can never lose in a relationship. Never. It is the men that must lose. So, when you are dating a girl and you don’t get to shag her, you are the loser. She can wake up tomorrow and tell you that she is not interested in the relationship anymore. Who lost? You. That’s why men must be smart when dating women. Don’t spend all your money on a woman you have not yet married. She is not yours until you marry her. When you are dating a woman, only spend on her any money you can throw away or overlook, so that if she fumbles, you don’t get high blood pressure because of the huge investment you have made on her.


African women are intelligent. They know what they will do, but that doesn’t prevent them from having many choices. They need choices to make themselves comfortable. They need some people to take care of their bills. They need someone to bear their burdens. They need a Messiah. That is why, most times, women will have a lot of men in their lives who are competing for their love. Women always know the one they will pick, but others will be there to take care of their financial responsibilities. As a man, you are doomed if you are not wise.


They said women are weaker vessels.  That could be true but that is not all. They are also cunning vessels. And they are strong, too. Some women are dating more than ten men. These men are needed for different reasons. There will be the one who will take care of her phone bills. There will be one who will take care of make-up. Another one may take care of her rent. And so on. That is how some women have come to compartmentalize the men in their lives. And these men will be struggling to meet the demands of those women.


There are men who pay the bills and there are men who fuck. Check yourself, the lady you are dying for may only need you in her life just to be paying the bills. That is why African men, like African women, need to be smart, too. Women need someone to pay their bills. Men also need someone to fuck. Are you just paying and taking care of bills without fucking her? It is okay if you have made the decision to just take care of her. But it is not okay if you have the desire to fuck and you find yourself just paying bills. You need to upgrade. What I have found out is that most African women love to receive but they don’t want to contribute anything.

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