Dressed for Every Occasion – A Guide to the Perfected Man’s Style

At some point in time, most young guys start wondering – where’s the hiccup in their game? What’s that misstep that they’re making, always throwing them from their full potential? They know it’s there, they feel something is missing. And most of the time, it’s the most obvious thing that fails to cross their mind – their style.
If you too feel something’s lacking, that you still have enough room to improve on yourself, then perhaps it’s time to revise your style, think it through and try to improve. Before you start scratching your head, clueless of what to combine with what, we’ll step up and help. Read on as we discuss the best styles and combinations for most occasions that will surely help you step your game up – the only way!

The Basics of Style
There’s more to a perfectly combined outfit than it may seem at first. A mismatch of different clothing pieces will often look comical and obviously out of style. You’ll have to train your eye, and by browsing through online sites, men’s fashion magazines and the like, you’ll quickly start getting an overall idea of a good composition.
Always try to match colors of similar tones, or contrasts that work well together. As a golden rule, let’s just all agree that men should by all means avoid bright colors and crazy patterns. Pink, yellow, green and orange? Just do yourself a favor and ditch that shit asap.  Bold, colorful styles are silly and hard to pull off. Looking like this will usually do you more harm than good.
The second rule we should remember is that simple is often the best. Keeping things down to earth, laid back and minimal are your best chances to prevent any potential mistakes. As long as they are well tied together, simple styles like this one, or even something like this, will never be a bad choice.
In general a few points should always be kept in mind. Consider the venue, the occasion and the time. Don’t overdo it and keep it simple and “clean”. And the best rule of all – when in doubt, make it classy. No, this doesn’t mean you should wear a tuxedo to a coffee shop, but in general, just make it dapper. History teaches us that a dapper looking man will always be in style.

Don’t Miss the Point
This gets us to the next subject. And that’s the occasion and how not to botch it. If you’re going to a wedding, then yeah, sure, go full formal. But if you’re taking a girl on a date, appearing in a suit and tie will simply look out of place. But if you appear at the venue dressed to impress – like so – you’ll get her all tingly straight away. It’s simple. Appearing tidy, groomed, stylishly well dressed – will immediately leave an impression of abundance, intellect, confidence and self respect.
Then again, venue and the occasion are key factors. If the date is a secluded, chat over wine, then the above mentioned style is the best bet. If on the other hand, it something more outgoing, fun and urban, you could go for something simpler.
A man should do well to avoid the modern clichés of fashion, such as torn and ripped jeans, t-shirts with idiotic slogans, or colorful mismatched patterns. A good sense of style will make a difference between a childish and a serious man.

All in a Bundle
Once the crucial aspects of good composition are grasped, you’ll have a much easier time selecting new clothes and finding the style that best suits you. The next big step is getting yourself in shape, since a good physique will be complimented by good clothes, and vice versa. Never hesitate to try things out, and make new choices in the boundaries of the aforementioned rules. Sometimes different styles tied in together will make a bold new change that will look great, just like this one. In the end, don’t be afraid to be yourself above all.  In a certain sense, the clothes do make the man, if he has a choice of what he wears. So your clothing can often reflect your personality. Keep that in mind.

We hope this can give you a bit of an insight into some general aspect of a man’s style. A good style. Next time you’re headed for a big event, a date or a job interview, consider the effect of what you’re wearing and how will it affect the success or failure of that event. Taking care of yourself stretches out to every aspect of who you are and how you are perceived – and your sense of style and dress is just one of these aspects. So without further ado, hit up a clothes retailer and spice your wardrobe up. You’ll thank us later!

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