Dressing With Style – The Return of Class

Introduction – Step Up Your Game
Here at Negromanosphere, we talked about fashion already before. On numerous occasions. And each time we all agreed on one thing – the importance of good looks. Dates, business meetings, job interviews, game – all of these depend on how well dressed you are and the initial impression you leave. As you read up on what we wrote before you will get a hang of what is best to wear for different occasions, but today we’ll get deeper into a certain favorite of all those with a good and refined taste – class. It will never fade out. A man dressed to impress will certainly do just that, no matter what. So read on as we delve deeper into the best classic styles you can wear today, and be certain to leave a lasting and positive impression on all those around you!

Back to Basics
When we talk about the class, the established gentleman’s style, we always go back. Back in time, when class and game, good taste and charisma, were all combined together – the prime time for men. Whether we take our inspiration from the 20’s, the 40’s, it doesn’t matter, for class has evolved subtly since then, always revolving around same, tried and tested principles. Suits, ties, vests and leather shoes, the foundations are all the same. It’s only the subtle details that change, evolve and get along with the modern tastes. Now, dear reader, you might wander: “Gee, ain’t no chance in hell I’m goin’ to afford a classy outfit, not with my budget!” Well, not to worry. You’ll just need to get imaginative, and dig around the official second-hand retailers, the outlets, the deals and the discounts. Hell, e-bay is a great option too. Simply, it’s not impossible. It’s even simple at times.
Get your gears going, find what you like and simply expore!

The Old Returns
Ever felt like you are underdressed? Like something’s missing, that you could have done a bit better and dazzled some girls or left a stronger impression on your peers? That’s the surest sign that it is high time that you step your game up and smarten up your wardrobe.
But there are always some guidelines to follow. Let’s cover some of them. First, remember the colors. Match them, with tones similar to each other, so you won’t look like a colorful clown. And experimenting with bold, bright colors will end badly, believe it.
Here’s a good, bold style that is well executed. The darker, blue colors match and the burgundy tie creates a fantastic contrast but still tying it all together. Notice how it also matches the burgundy socks and the dark leather shoes. A good detail to mention here are the patterns. While you need to be careful with them, they can still serve a purpose. The vertical lines we see on the suit serve a slimming purpose. They create an illusion of height and accentuate physique. The dotted pattern on the tie, again, provides an ample contrast and a variation.
But what about breaking the patterns? Getting a bit bolder and experimenting. Yes, sure, it can be done but with care. This interesting style simplifies things to a great degree. It’s also a great beginner style. The sleek, black turtleneck is always complimenting, and the added contrasting crimson suit is a perfect combination. Simple, down-to-earth, but still enough to impress.

A Modern Touch
There are still a lot of details that bring a breath of fresh, modern air. The accessories can work towards putting on an air of importance and stature. Shoes, wrist watches, jewelry, sunglasses. But there’s a thing that tops it all. The most important thing that you need to make your outfit work. Game. This translates into several important things – charisma, intelligence, a defined body and a sharp mind. Work on these first, before diving into a world of class and height. With each new step you make, refining your game, you will open a door towards success, money, women and respect. And you’ll probably want these in your life.  Your classy outfit will only be the cherry on the cake at that point.


Never hesitate, and never be afraid to do what you want and what you like. It’s a man’s virtue to pursue the things he deems to be right and true. And that mindset, the purpose and the pursuit – are also the fundamental aspects of class. The way you walk, talk, think and act – all work together with your outfit, to deliver that all important first impression. Just keep these things in mind as you work on improving yourself in every aspect.
And then, in the end, remember – it’s not all about the clothes, it’s much more about the man that wears them.

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