EFCC, Cybercrime And The Nigerian Youths

Nigeria does not have leaders. We have extortionists. They are in political offices, in religious places, in working establishments and even in schools. An average Nigerian sees the position they occupy as an opportunity to victimize, oppress, extort and cheat others. That is why corruption will continue to multiply in Nigeria. We will never get rid of it by prayers. We are our own curse and poison.

Almost everyday, I see large numbers of promising and intelligent Nigerian youths being arrested by the EFCC for cybercrime. The government who has not provided jobs for the youths is sending EFCC to arrest them for engaging in crime. They will arrest until they get tired. I don’t think Nigeria is ready for progress. It is a culture we have comfortably created and now we want to turn back and eliminate. It is not possible.

Even those who are not engaged in crime, who have legal businesses, the government will push them into crime by frustrating them with taxes. Few days ago, some government officials walked into our office and said they have brought another bill. It’s a bill they give to everyone who has a signage, billboard, or poster in front of their offices. They brought $20 for six months. They didn’t know how the business got there. But they want to collect their share.

That is one of the the many taxes that majority of Nigerians have to pay to the government every year. The problem is not about paying those taxes. But, what is the government doing with those taxes being collected? What are the visible achievements they are putting in place for the benefit of Nigerians who are paying these taxes? Nigeria is still in a deplorable condition even with all the money that government is raking in.

The government of Nigeria will find it difficult to help you but they will find it easy to take from you even when you are struggling. The idiots only care about themselves. Bloody extortionists! An extortionist is someone who practices extortion: the act of using violence, threats, intimidation, or pressure from one’s authority to force someone to hand over money (or something else of value) or do something they don’t want to do.

It is not an easy thing to survive in Nigeria, except we want to deceive ourselves. If you don’t have parents or relatives who are already established or who have connections with people in high places, and who are ready to support you and help you succeed, you will suffer. It is not that the youths are not trying. But, the Nigerian system will just frustrate them by all means. That is why majority of the youths keep turning to crime to save themselves from hunger.

EFCC will keep arresting criminals in Nigeria everyday. They will never rest. And as they are arresting some, new criminals will be springing up. It is what we signed for. And we are already getting it. A country that has failed its youths must be ready to deal with crimes. A country that doesn’t care about the existence of its citizens will have many battles to fight. Nigeria deserves what it is getting presently. We have planted the tree of greed and now, we are reaping the fruits.

You can’t compare Nigeria with western countries. They are totally different. The situation of things and the daily experiences are not the same. Custard and ‘akamu’ may come from the same source but they are not mates. Agbada and suit are not in the same category. I don’t blame people who are running out of Nigeria. Who will not run away from danger? Who will not run away from where their lives mean nothing? You only have a future if you are alive. There is no future for a dead man.

You can’t compare someone jumping on BRT buses to get to work in Lagos with someone taking a comfy public ride to work in Birmingham. So, please, when Nigerian motivational speakers tell you that Bill Gates dropped out of college and made it in life, don’t conclude that the same thing will happen to you if you drop out of school in Nigeria. You will regret it. What is obtainable in Bill Gates’ country is not obtainable in this Animal Kingdom called Nigeria.

Nigeria is not Britain or America where there are many options to choose from, and where the leaders care about the life of their citizens. Even if you go to school and get all the certificates in Nigeria, that doesn’t still guarantee that you will succeed in this City of Darkness, because, by all means, all the evil forces from the government and your village people will come together to make sure they frustrate you and shatter your dreams.

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