The Emasculated Negro Male

The plight of the EMASCULATED MALE is very real in the present day and time. We live in an anti male society that is  ran by the movement of feminism. Whenever  a man stands up  for himself in today’s society, many women of the liberal left attempt their hardest to emasculate him. In all honesty, I could split this particular article up into 3 different portions to discuss the severity of this topic. However, in this particular article I will address my points in just 2 partitions. Firstly,  that when black men are successful, many black women will look for “holes” in his armor and try to find a weakness in him. In other words, black women will look with extreme consistence in order to remove or “emasculate” his natural masculinity. The  second point of this literary piece address how the single mother has brainwashed young black men IN ORDER for him to denounce his masculinity. 

Let me first get back to the idea concerning the “ATTEMPT” of black women to belittle successful Black Men in the western world.  One of the main reasons that African American women attempt to emasculate black men because they are severely intimidated by him.  Instead of searching for a black man who has already built himself up, Black women are looking for a “project” nigga that they can fix up to their standards. What do I really mean when I say project nigga? Simply, the project “nigga is this: “A low hanging fruit negro man that she can control because he most likely lives with her and doesn’t have resources of his own. ” The only time that the majority of black women will deal with strong black men is to use up his resources. However, to the chagrin and insult to most black women, strong black men recognize their bullshit con artist fuckery before it gets out of hand. Many successful black men have become hip to the female fuckery of black women and are now WIDE AWAKE.  After fucking these women a few times, successful black men leave black women NO OTHER CHOICE! Next thing you know she is fucking and sucking on broke ASS  Tyrone or Rodney from the hood. Now, she has some good dick from a low budget nigga that she can control and look better than on paper. 

In closing, black men who grow up in single mother led homes tend to grow up to become emasculated males. I could go on and on about this. However, many of you see this often in the black community. The woman is now the head and the men are the tail. And it’s sad. Real brothers  need to start standing up, dropping our nuts and being real men. This  is the only way you will ever get these women to ever really respect you!

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